Xero's Comments

Wait... you made him when you were two years oldI'm both confused and kind of amazed, he's a really cool and fleshed out character! When I read him it's totally like a real person, and I really like his design, too. Anyway, sorry if you mind random comments, I was going through the first character forum and the number 2 immediately caught my eye like o.O woah, I didn't know anyone even make original characters at that age (well at least I definitely didn't haha-)

Haha, not exactly. A lot of my characters were originally my childhood toys (everyone in this tag and some later ones), so Xero was a plush cat named Mew : p Here's Silver.

So these early "characters" weren't humans, and they were of course not what I conceived of as OCs at the time, but at least parts of the personalities, relationships, and stories I made up while playing with them (and aspects of their toy designs) have persisted all my life as I've put them into other settings. My comic Catband is a story that includes most characters I've made over my whole life, but they're all revamped to fit into the same setting.

Anyway, thank you for the comment! I don't mind at all: I love talking about my characters, and I'm so glad you like Xero!

OOH, I always take stuff way too literally I swear-

That makes a lot of sense now actually (those plushies looks really cute by the way!), really neat inspiration for those characters! I've looked a little bit more into your comic also and the idea seems overall very cool and the effort you've put into it over time is really impressive, good luck with making it! I'd love to check it out once it's started.

Thank you!! I really appreciate it, and I hope you'll enjoy the comic when it's begun. c:

Xero caught my eyes because I like his jacket as seen in the avatar. I'm delighted to discover he's half-Polish. XD Anyway, I find it really interesting that his religion is listed as Eastern Orthodox, the Orthodox church in Poland is really obscure in comparison to the Catholic majority. 

Another pleasant coincidence is that he's a drummer and drummers are often my favorite members of several bands. :) Also I'm laughing a little at his relationship status; I believe it shouldn't be too difficult for him to change that? Overall I feel he's such an adorable guy. 

Thank you!! (Honestly, Catholic probably makes more sense for him, so I might think about changing that; I grew up Catholic, so I try to avoid making that the default for my Christian characters, haha.)

Drummers are the best. :) I'm sure he'll find someone... if he can avoid scaring them away too fast with his affections.