Drummer in Persephone's Winter. Prankster, hustler, somehow the most responsible guy in the band.

quick-witted // sneaky // dependable

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1989


Full Name Kasper Kurek Age 23 Species Human
Nicknames Xerox, Xero, Zee, Kaz Matsui (by friends), Kas (by Manda) Birthday October 11, 1983 Gender Male
Prefers Xero Zodiac Libra Pronouns He/Him
Band Persephone's Winter Religion Eastern Orthodox Sexuality Straight
Band Role Drums, business Background Polish dad x Argentinean mom Relationship Status Single, desperately looking
Day Job Bartender/worker in his dad's bowling alley Birthplace Brooklyn, NY Living Situation At home with his family

"If you die, remember I had no part in this."

- Xero

The Story So Far...

Xero has been playing in a punk band with his buddies Izzy and Haggis for years that's fun but doesn't seem like it'll ever go anywhere, but you can't blame the man for dreaming of bigger things while he's spraying shoes in his dad's bowling alley. When word gets around about Catband, a New York-based, nationally televised battle of the bands competition, it seems like the big chance they've been waiting for. Izzy convinces Haggis's twin brother Scurvy to join them to play keys, and recruits Roadie, a bassist, and they enter the competition as a five piece.

And hey, fame and fortune's nice, but there'll be girls in this... right?

Xero (short for Xerox, pronounced "Zero") is the comedian of the band; he's a prankster and a joker and he delights in playing around with people. He bartends and works in his dad's bowling alley, and has the benefit of a lifetime's experience on the pool table and card table alike. He will hustle you if you let him, which his friends learned better of long ago. He's easygoing, calm and friendly, but he definitely looks more innocent than he is.

He's a good dude though, funny and casual and quick-witted, and a hopeless romantic. He's the only one in the band who's trying to find Mrs. Right, and he's convinced his true love is out there somewhere. Falls in love easily and, so far, largely inadvisedly.

Izzy calls the shots in the band, but Xero sort of fell into the role of handling the band's business stuff, given he has the best personality for it, a business degree, and a lot of experience dealing with people. He is always cool under pressure and cannot be intimidated.

He lives at home and he's close with his parents and his younger sister Manda, who is in high school and whom he is very proud of. His Spanish is decent and he speaks some Polish, but he's only really fluent in English.

The story behind his nickname is one not fit for his parents to hear...

Finest Moment

When his little sister's classmate stole her prized Magic cards from her, he swindled them back.

Lowest Low

He once got drunk and yelled at an attractive mannequin woman who was ignoring him.

Height: 5'8"/173cm Build: Average (a little soft)
Eyes: Blue Hair: Tawny brown, soft
Handedness: Right Style: Casual

Xero is average in height and build and has a soft Beatle-y mop of brown hair, and dark blue eyes.

He may need to be buried in his famous green track jacket. He generally dresses comfortably, in layers and sneakers.

Xero is very good at pool and poker and hustling the unaware, though he's not really a swindler and mostly just plays around with people a bit. He can do trick shots, and he's also decent at bowling and arcade games or pinball: he's spent a lot of time in that bowling alley.

He keeps a deck of cards in his pockets and he messes around with them when he's bored (doing tricks, making card castles, just shuffling/playing around with them).

He has an old Polaroid camera he loves and always pesters his bandmates with; he can also draw a bit, and designs the band's t-shirts and logos.

He loves pizza and pierogi and grilled cheese (especially Argentinean provoleta).

He's into stand-up comedy and British humor like Monty Python and Douglas Adams, and he unironically loves Hallmark romance movies.

Xero played little league as a kid and was terrible at it, but he loves baseball and he's a die-hard Mets fan like his father.


He likes to drink, and when he's drunk, if he's not mooning over some girl who made eye contact with him for two seconds on the subway, he's probably telling you at affectionate length all about his favorite Mets of the '90s, like Benny Agbayani and Turk Wendell.

Xero's favorite band is the Beatles and his idol is Ringo Starr; he also loves other classic rock of the '60s and '70s like the Doors, the Kinks and Fleetwood Mac, as well as modern indie rock. He prides himself on his vast mp3 collection, likes most kinds of music, and will be the band DJ for road trips. He also loves hip hop, party rock and Latin music, and doesn't care if nobody else in the band does.

He uses a set of Ludwig drums in Oyster Black Pearl wrap, like his hero Ringo. He's neither bad nor a prodigy; he's just a decent drummer.

Guilty Pleasure

He was totally in love with Shakira when he was younger.


Izzy Good Friend / Bandmate

Izzy and Haggis are his closest friends. They went to college together and that's where they originally formed Persephone's Winter, their band. Xero is usually joking around with Izzy and the others, but he genuinely likes him and respects his ideas for the band.


Haggis Good Friend / Bandmate

Izzy and Haggis are his closest friends. They went to college together and that's where they originally formed Persephone's Winter, their band. Xero messes with everybody, but especially Haggis, who usually deserves it.


Scurvy Bandmate

Scurvy and Roadie are the new recruits Izzy convinced to join the band for the sake of entering the battle of the bands contest. Scurvy is Haggis's twin brother, but Xero didn't really know him until he joined the band. They get along fine.


Roadie Bandmate

Roadie is the other new recruit Izzy got to join the band. Xero likes that he also has a sense of humor.


Manda Sister

Manda is Xero's little sister. He thinks the world of her and would protect her with his life.

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