Riot boi.

iconoclastic // irreverent // cool

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Jesse Montebon Age 24 Species Human
Nicknames Jess (sometimes) Birthday January 27, 1983 Gender Male
Prefers Jesse Zodiac Aquarius Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Other friends/family Religion Atheist Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role Jill's boyfriend Background Filipino Relationship Status Dating Jill
Day Job Graphic designer Birthplace Austin, TX Living Situation ???

"I don't think potato au gratin is usually a spicy dish."

- Jesse

Jesse: graphic designer, rebel, super sentai fan, steadying force. He likes EDM, anime, and fighting the power.

His girlfriend is Jill, and where she's wild and reckless, he's more chill and mature, but they're equally passionate. They met at a war protest in college.

He does the designs for her band's t-shirts and flyers, and though there isn't a musical bone in his body, he supports Jill 100% and is delighted to see her pursuing her dream.

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Average, fit
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, fine
Handedness: Right Style: Chill, hip

Jesse's sense of style is sort of understatedly fashionable; he doesn't wear anything flashy, but he puts thought into what he wears. He wears a lot of grays and solids and accents those with colors. He's the sort of guy who could pull off wearing vintage anime shirts and still look cool.

He wears gauges in his ears and has snakebite piercings and a pierced eyebrow. He usually has some facial hair, though he keeps it neat and close-cut. He wears glasses.

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits

This character is featured in literature! Please check his library for more about him!