Frontwoman of Hedgemaze Expo. A force of nature.

passionate // impulsive // positive

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Jillian Deveraux Age 22 Species Human
Nicknames Jill (by everyone) Birthday July 24, 1986 Gender Female
Prefers Jill Zodiac Leo Pronouns She/Her
Band Hedgemaze Expo Religion Agnostic Sexuality Straight
Band Role Frontwoman, lead singer Background Thai mom x Canadian dad Relationship Status Dating Jesse
Day Job Works at a musical instrument store Birthplace San Francisco, CA Living Situation ???

"It's a good thing you came when you did or I'd have to make conversation with the used guitars, and you know they never shut up."

- Jill

The Story So Far...

When the comic opens, Jill is working at a music shop with Amber and daydreaming of better things. When they find out about Catband, a locally-based battle of the bands contest that will be nationally televised, Jill can't resist this sign from the music gods and manages to persuade her reluctant best friend to ply her musical talents along with her in their search for stardom. They recruit Bane to play drums and Mitzy on bass, and Hedgemaze Expo is born.

And if the search for fame doesn't completely explain why she's so desperate for them to win, well, that's between her and the music gods, isn't it?

Jill's a little tornado, cheerfully, aggressively friendly and always dragging people on adventures. She has her own kind of momentum that she sweeps everything around her along with, so she doesn't really pay too much attention to things that don't go along with her, like landladies who don't appreciate the loud parties she throws in her tiny apartment or the trouble that always follows in her wake. She never stops singing, and she wishes her life were a musical. She is impulsive, passionate, and always energetic. She loves everything fun, and she's irrepressibly optimistic. Nothing is a downer to her.

In her enthusiasm she can be thoughtless, but with the best of intentions. She sincerely and till-death loves all of her friends and anyone that ends up as collateral damage in her little tornado-- she's the outgoing type who accumulates friends anywhere there are other people, as if nobody ever told her not to talk to strangers. Even if she just met you, she already loves you, wants to drag you on some escapade, and would save you from a fire.

Despite her high-energy buzzing, she is perceptive, and when she believes one of her friends is in trouble, she will not take no for an answer and, gently or forcefully, whether they like it or not, she will try to help. She does not stand anyone's shit, and injustices are about the only way to get her goat. She is very passionate about what she sees as the ills in the world, cares deeply about all people, and she is determined to make a difference someday. She can be self-righteous and naïve, and when she believes she is right she is completely rigidly stubborn, but if you manage to truly earn her anger, she'll make your life hell.

Finest Moment

When Jill learned about elephant poaching as a little kid, she had her mother send all $3.46 of her life savings to a conservation agency.

Lowest Low

Jill once fell down an escalator at Shea Stadium and had tread burn for weeks.

Height: 5'3"/160cm Build: Small, curvy
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown, fine
Handedness: Right Style: '80s popstar

Jill is short and curvy, with pixie-cut dark brown hair, a heart-shaped face, and brown eyes, though they're rarely seen behind her dark green tinted cat's eye glasses.

She dresses like an '80s popstar whenever it's remotely socially acceptable-- anything wild, interesting and colorful, even with shoulderpads-- and more casually feminine when it's not. She likes scarves and her Amelia Earhart jacket, and she also sometimes steals Amber's band t-shirts, which are huge on her. Yellow's her favorite color, and it's not unusual to find her basically dressed like a bumblebee, but she likes any bold colors and patterns.

Jill is a woman full of enterprising energy, always trying out new things, but without the attention span to stick with any of them. Working in a music shop, she's probably decided every instrument in the store was her new calling at one point or other; her longest love affair yet has been with the accordion-- to, perhaps, the chagrin of her coworkers. Her voice is the only instrument she's actually good at using, but luckily for everyone with ears, she's genuinely talented there.

Jill is the type who never reads the directions. The flat-pack furniture has been built with a "custom touch," the board games seem to have different house rules every time, and no ever gives her the map anymore in the car. She is by no means a good cook, but she's enthusiastic, and given a recipe, she'll "wing it," make her own weird substitutions, and attempt to serve her new gourmet delight to her friends.

She loves romance novels, power ballads, and old Technicolor musicals. She's competitive as hell, and a menace at trivia challenges. Her parties are legend, and Jill loves going out to concerts with Amber and her other friends, especially to see punk bands in trashy DIY venues, the worse the music and the cheaper the beer the better. Her boyfriend Jesse's more of an EDM guy, but when he wants to go to a rave, she'll be there with light-up bells on.

She's somewhat clumsy but she loves to dance. She is absolutely not coordinated enough to play roller derby like Amber and Lupe, but at derby bouts, she's their most eager fan.


Jill is happy to let people believe her tinted glasses are just a diva thing, but there's a reason for them.

Jill has a strong voice and sings in the vein of Pat Benatar, Carole King, or Patty Smyth.

She loves those artists and anything dramatic, emotional, and catchy. Some other music she loves: Blondie, Roxette, Heart, Joan Jett, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick.

She sings all the time-- even if it's just narrating the process of putting the garbage out, to herself. She can probably think of appropriate lyrics for any situation.

As for the battle of the bands, even though she's new to being in a band, Jill's confident in all of their abilities and she's determined that they win this thing, if only they can outlast that asshole Izzy and his band of mall punks.

Guilty Pleasure

She definitely had an emo/scene phase in high school.


Jesse Boyfriend

Jesse is Jill's boyfriend; they met at a war protest in college. They're one of "those" couples, affectionate and all over each other. He's chill and steadying where she is wild and reckless, but they have the same passion for making the world a better place.


Amber Best Friend / Bandmate / Coworker

Jill and Amber have been best friends since grade school, and they've been there for each other through everything life has thrown at them. One is rarely found without the other, and they're inseparable partners-in-crime. Amber's the look to Jill's leap, the one who will drag Jill out of the trouble she inevitably gets them into.


Bane Bandmate

Bane and Mitzy are, along with Amber, the other members of their band, Hedgemaze Expo. Jill likes Bane's intensity and thinks he's funny.


Mitzy Bandmate

Bane and Mitzy are, along with Amber, the other members of their band, Hedgemaze Expo. Jill's delighted with Mitzy and determined to corrupt her.


Hali Good Friend / Coworker

Hali and Lupe are Jill and Amber's friends and co-workers in the music shop. Jill loves Hali like a sister-- but wishes she'd share some of that fanfiction sometime.


Lupe Good Friend / Coworker

Hali and Lupe are Jill and Amber's friends and co-workers in the music shop. Jill and Lupe are usually the hyenas cackling in the back of the club over something or other.


Izzy Rival

Jill considers Izzy, the frontman of her band's main competition in the Catband contest, to be her nemesis, and the feeling is mutual. They do not get along.


Mrs. Petersen Landlady

Mrs. Petersen is Jill's disgruntled, religious landlady. They hate each other.


Fred Store's Landlord

Fred is the 80-year-old landlord of the store. He's a neighborhood institution; everyone loves him.

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