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Basic Info


Tim | [long name] | #5100A8


Dark Purple (#5100A8), Dark Red (#940000), Black (#000000), Silver (#CECECE)


Yes. Both, neither, I don't know, yes.



Birth Place

[email protected]Ö#Ä3 - City

Current Residence

Ä+*4~ - Central Area


Fashion designer/Drag Queen Chicken, Band Metal Sheep

First Appearance

Big Book of Lame Jokes vol.1 (1-XXII)


Growing up



  • Tim was born in [email protected]Ö#Ä3 to Jane, A fashion designer. Tim doesn't know who his father is.
  • Tim started admiring his mother's dresses at a very early age, and soon asked her to make him one too.
  • Tim entered several beauty pageants for little girls, he won once.

Elementary school:

  • When he started going to school, him and Jane moved to Ä+*4~.
  • In school, Tim met Tadej, Nina and Andrej. He became best freinds with Nina.

High school:

  • Jane is teaching Tim all about fashion industry. He is working as a fashion designer and a model.
  • Tim is unhappy with his life. He decides to be a "real boy" and dates a girl for a while. He soon returns to his old ways.

After school:

  • Tim and Nina move in together. After Nina marries Jure, Tim stays alone and accepts Cereal Killer into his home. They become friends and eventually also lovers. Eventually they move in together with Nina and Jure.
  • Tim meets mr. Mole and helps him become a woman; Mr. Mole becomes Scarlett.
  • Tim opens his own clothing store (Drag Queen Chicken) together with Scarlett.

A more detailed description of Tim's childhood can be found HERE

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Tim Sims 4 (boy and girl), Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Tim's color theme


Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Type: mole
Other: N/A
Color 1: #5100A8
Color 2: #940000
Color 3: #000000
Color 4: #CECECE
Health: Fashion before comfort, spent enough time dead to have a ghost alter ego (Silver Wraith), has an emotional scar where his happines used to be.
Clothing style: Fashion designer and cross dresser, real fancy, has a silver dress and pink lacy thong, owns a massive amount of clothes, more fabulous that any of you will ever be. Is a vampire in the sims just to get extra amount of outfits. No regrets there.




  • Uncomfortable - Something's always a bit off for Tim. He's just a bit insecure, just a bit confused, just a bit indecisive, just a bit neurotic. He's uncomfortable around other people and often gets lost in thought about more or less likely anxiety inducing secnarios. Sure he has his comfort zone where he feels comfortable, but it's always safer to have a friend nearby who knows what's up. Tho that friend is often Nina who's not much better.
  • Creative - Tim was raised to be a fashion designer, and creativity is the most important part of creating new clothes, He's been interested in fahion since young age and learnt very quickly from his mother
  • Selfish - Sure Tim can be very kind to his friends, but he'll make sure to get back as much as he gives. He often acts without thinking, just to get his way and often disregards other people's feelings.
  • Withdrawn - Despiste being raised in the spotlight, Tim actually doesn't like to draw too much attention to himself. He maintains demure and humble demeanor which makes him seem a lot nicer than he really is and lets him get away with more shady stuff than you'd expect
  • Depressed - Tim was born in [email protected]Ö#Ä3, where sometimes they put on your face upside down, but sometimes they put your brain in upside down. The second one is the case for Tim who cen never find a peace fo mind. Paired with questionable upbringing and parenting methods of his mother Jane, Tim got dug in quite deep into the hole of depression



  • flowers


  • Food: glitter




Parents: Jane
Andrej has a good relationship with both of his parents, but is closer to his dad.

Siblings: nun

BFF: Nina
Tim met Nina in elementar school, when she joined his class and took the empty seat next to him. Tho he's more interested in girly things, while Nina is more boyish, they perfectly complete each other just because of that. They soon became really good friends, and eventually also Best Friends Forever.

Lover: Cereal Killer (known exes: ex girlfriend)
Tim has been told by his mother all his life that, as a man who dressed up as woman, he is to marry a fairy, as it is tradition. He never thought much of it or questioned it much and never seemed to be much interested in relationships at all. Briefly he dated a girl, but he did so to prove a point and didn't seem to care much about her past that. He never cared much for Tadej constantly trying to get Tim to date him. He always cared a lot about Tadej, but only as a friend. That was all that happened, until that one day when Cereal Killer moved to Ä+*4~ to find Tim. Cereal Killer was absolutely in love with Tim and Tim just went along with it, for the sake of tradition his mom told him about. They officially became a couple somewhere around Episode 2-XXIII. Tim proposes to Cereal Killer in pt.34. While he surely feels some lever of emotional attachment to him, it is at the moment unsure whether Tim does or doesn't actually love Cereal Killer.
You can read a more detailed description ot Tim's love life HERE


Despite constantly being in the spotlight as a son of Jane, a famous fashin designer, being a fashion designed and a model himself and also being a member of quite popula band band Metal Sheep, Tim never liked the attention. He doesn't really like being around people and prefers the company of his close friends. He doesn't feel very comfortable around people he doesn't know well.

Learn more about Tim's family here.




Fashion designer/model
Tasks: make dresses for Drag Queen Chicken
Band - Metal Sheep
Tasks: participate in Metal Sheep's activities


Elementary School: Even before starting school, Tim's mom started participating in "Little Miss [email protected]Ö#Ä3" contest. To showcase his talents in contests, his mom started sending him to dance classes, singing classes, piano classes and started teaching him about fashion. In school he was a pretty good student, while still attending various classes outsode shool.
High School: Tim starts woring with his mom. He helps her make dresses, and works as a model in her fashion shows, while still doing his best in school.
After School: Tim works full time with his mom, but later opens his own shop, Drag Queen Chicken. Soon he also joins the band Metal Sheep with Nina and Cereal Killer.

Other achivements:

Tim won a Golden Bald Mermaid Award with his band Metal Sheep in 1-XXII. He also appeared in Peter's movies Trans-Formers II., Trans-Formers IV. Trans-Formers V. and also commercial for mothballs (3-XXIX)




Inner Fairies: