Cereal Killer



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Basic Info


(#3F7700) / long name: Cereal Killer


Brown (#7A4D00), Dark Green (#3F7700), Grey (#545454), Black (#000000)




moth fairy

Birth place

[email protected]Ö#Ä3 - City

Current residence

Ä+*4~ - Central Area


Fairy-herbalist, Band Metal Sheep & Metal Sheep 2.0,

First appearance

Big Book of Lame Jokes vol.1 (1-XXII)


Growing up



  • Cereal Killer was born to a crack whore, who sold him for money to buy more drugs. He grew up with Benjamin and Erica.

Elementary school:

  • Cereal Killer was homeschooled. Erica is a fairy and she taught Cereal Killer everything about Glitter God and prepared him to be able to serve him as an adult. Benjamin taught Cereal Killer all the skills he needed to survive in [email protected]ÖÄ3, such as making drugs out of different herbs, and murder.
  • Cereal Killer was taught from a young age to marry a woman who's really a man.

High school:

  • Cereal Killer reads about Tim in magazines and decides he wants to be with him some day.

After school:

  • Cereal Killer is old enough to find himself a bride. He decides to move to Ä+*4~ and find Tim.
  • Cereal Killer moves in with Tim. They soon become friends and eventually also lovers.
  • Cereal Killer and Tim move in with Nina and Jure.

Physical appearance


Appearance and Style:


Above: Cereal Killer Sims 4, Chibi, Polyvore Outfit
Below: Cereal Killer's color theme


Hair color: light brown (in comic black)
Eye color: brown
Type: moth fairy
Other: brown moth wings
Color 1: #7A4D00
Color 2: #3F7700
Color 3:b #545454
Color 4: #000000

Cereal Killer is in a relationship with Tim, a fashion designer who makes sure Cereal Killer is always well dressed. For more outfits, check the outfits tab.


Being born to a mother who was a drug addict and growing up in [email protected]Ö#Ä3, Cereal Killer is condemmned to life of struggling with drug addiction. He tries his best to keep his addiction under control, but that's really all he can do.




  • Impulsive - Cereal Killer has very little control over his actions and usually act out his every impulse, be it drug use, eating clothes, or killing. He acts before he thinks and doesn't care about the consequences.
  • Violent - Cereal Killer's go-to method for solving problems is violence. Due to his impulsive nature he quickly loses his temper, which often results is a murder of cereal, a piece of clithing oor even a person.
  • Protective - Although he doesnt' quite know hot to express his feelings in a positive way, Cereal Killer is really quite caring and protective of his friends. He is always willing to help and protect his lived ones, although his wasy of doiong it might be extreme.
  • -
  • -

Likes and Interests:

  • drugs
  • hanging out with Tim
  • murder
  • taking care of his herbal garden


  • Drink: Slurpy
  • Food: Silk
  • Hobby:
  • Person:
  • Music:
  • Movie/Show:
  • Game:




Parents: Benjamin & Erica

Siblings: none


Lover:Tim (known exes: N/A)
Love and marriage are taken very seriously in [email protected]Ö#Ä3. Cereal Killer's dad prepared him to chose a worthy bride when he is old enough. The kind of bride that is really a man, of course. When Cereal Killer was old enough to get married, he chose Tim to be his bride. He traveled to Ä+*4~ and move in with Tim and became his friend. He started making up excuses to pretend Tim and him are a couple until one day, they didn't pretend anymore (2-XXIII.
Cereal Killer adores Tim and would do absolutely anyhting for him.


Cereal Killer was raised in [email protected]Ö#Ä3 and so ge grew up to be weird and violent, which usually makes people fear of hate him. But that's ok, Cereal Killer prefers to be around his close friends and Tim who understand him and accept him for who he is. He really means well, but often doesn't know how to express his feelings in a normal way. He really doesn't want to kill unlless it is absolutely necessary, or if there is a good excuse for it.
Cereal Killer os very loyal to his friends, he is williong to kill for them, and he is even willing to hold back his violent impulses for them. But Glitter God have mercy on the poor souls who get on his bad side.




Fairy - herbalist
Tasks: Taking care of herbal garden, making medicine, drugs and poisons
Band - Metal Sheep
Tasks: participating in Metal Sheep's activities (concerts, videos, interviews)


  • botany
  • herbalism/medicine
  • murder (yes it's a skill)
  • Glitter bible studies

Other achivements:

Cereal Killer won a Golden Bald Mermaid Award with his band Metal Sheep in 1-XXII. He also appeared in Peter's commercials for mothballs (202, 3.XXIX, and movies such as The Mothfather)




Cereal Killer First appeared as a part of the band Metal Sheep in 1-XXII. Originally he was a normal fairy but then got changed to a moth fairy cuz moth fairies are totes adorbz X3

Inner Fairies:


Cereal killing:

Cereal Killer is in reality a really nice guy, but he is very impulsive, haunted by voices who tell him to do things and murdering urges. To avoid killing people, he kills cereal instead.
Cereal Killer cereal killing:
2-III, 2-VIII, 2-XI, 2-XIII, 2-LXII, 4-XV, pt.35

Clothes eating

As a moth, Cereal Killer has a habit of eating clothes and fabric:
215, pt.5, pt.6