Suikana (Notes/Trivia)




  • Suikana can have any weapons as non-magical weapons, but their suit restricts their magical weapon.
  • Suikana can have ears, horns, or both.
  • Horns that are on the middle-ish area of the head replace ears.
  • Suikana horns are pretty much like metal, both in appearance and texture.
  • Suikana symbols have a glass-like material over the metallic part, this can be partially covered with decoration if they aren’t Common.
  • Suikana are able to create more Suikana by doing card readings.
  • Suikana hatch from eggs.
  • Suikana is pronounced “Swee-kah-nuh”.
  • Suikana can’t easily tell what specific card another Suikana is, since they can embody varying aspects of the various cards.
  • Baby and child Suikana have weak magic, and can’t fight.