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Full Name
Geyser 'Guy' Goof
Yapok (Water Opossum)
Pokemon Team
lapr s dit vapo poli tirt gyar

Guy is my main sona and the most like me, so their story is most like mine and essentially a “cartoony” version of me, so keep that in mind!


Guy is a Yapok (water opossum), and they love to swim and explore. They love to socialize, have fun, hangout with friends, and treat themself and friends to luxuries. They draw every day and love to do so. Guy is disabled, occationally uses a cane and/or kinesiotape. They're AuDHD (among other things); they fidget and stim a lot, especially by chewing on things (they try to have gum, candy, and toys on them at all times). Guy loves to learn new things, resulting in their obscure abilities and known facts. They end up being a jack-of-all-trades as a result. pop Guy always has blue razzberry candy and treats!

Worth Tracker
+ 550 (never selling; don't ask)
About / Personality

Guy can be described as the following: Energetic, Expressive, Eccentric, Eclectic, Collective, Creative, Treat-yo-self Attitude, Curious, Loyal, Compassionate, and Empathetic. They care deeply and passionately for their interests and friends / family.


  • Very fidgety; stims 24/7
  • Smells like seasalt, chlorine / bromine, and blue razzberry!
  • Stress cleans and bakes
  • Loves collecting things and organizing them
  • Drinks sports drinks (huge hydration enthusiast)
  • Loyal to & loves friends 💙

  • Blue food (specially candy)
  • Swimming
  • Hanging with friends
  • Self-care days
  • Exploring and Collecting
  • Being cozy!
  • Getting their socks wet
  • Passive Aggression
  • Bright artificial light
  • Wounds/getting hurt
  • Bad textures
  • Being Stuck

Guy is an anthropromorphic Yapok (also known as a Water Opossum). Their body type / level of anthropromorphism varies greatly, and can be up to the artist how to depict them!

Design Notes

Design and colors are up to artistic creativity, so long as they keep the general look:

  • Only back feet are webbed
  • Blood, Flesh, Blush, and Insides are blue/cerulean/turquoise
  • Face details
    • acne and pulled whiskers
    • light freckles/moles (face and body)
    • right eyebrow has a notch
  • Mouth details
    • tongue is scalloped
    • teeth poke out a bit
  • Left leg is scarred
  • In ANTHRO form, they can have blue top surgery scars!
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Guy has a cast of alternate forms for fun! Geyser is their main alternate form (just them but fishier), and the rest are either fan-characters from other works, self-inserts for friends' stories, and concepts I like that I feel fit my sona Guy. NOTE: Click the image to go to the profile of each form!


Guy Goof (original)
Guy's main / original form is a Yapok (water opossum) that is leucistic and has blue blood/insides. They fidget a lot, love blue things, and care deeply for their friends!


Geyser (aquatic form)
Geyser is the aquatic form of Guy! So they're the same character, just more nautical/marine. They also have gills in this form and can thus breathe underwater! They aren't a specific species, but have a combination of traits from animals such as sharks, rays, seals, sturgeons, eels, and porpoises.


Guessie (aquatic cryptid)
Guessie is the loch ness monster - type creature that lives around sunken amusement parks. It's leathery back is covered in stiff ridges of fins, and it has a mane-like finned ridge on its head down its neck. It likes sunken treasure and fair food!


Leguyathan (Sea Beast)
Form created by Scheppen ! A Sea Beast that cares for hurt sea fauna with its collection of balms and elixers made with oceanic ingredients. It travels around to help!


Guygoyle (gargoyle)
The gargoyle form of Guy! With two snouts on their face that spew out water like a waterspout, and strong striped arms that can hold fast to the side of buildings, they love to relax and observe things go by.


Guytari (Neopet)
This is Guy as a Neopet! Called 'Guytari', they started blue and were painted pirate! They still retain 'blue' qualities; they're a blue-grey color, with patterns that look like shells and fishbones (instead of the skull markings on most pirate lutaris' tails)


"Grits" (angel / devil)
"Grits" (whose real name is unknown) is a (half-fallen) angel creature! I made them for fun one year for halloween and I decided to make them an 'official' alternate form! This form isn't super consistant, and I draw them however, ever shifting.


Lazy Guy (Entropy Monster)
Lazy is an Entropy Monster created by Scheppen ! These creatures are made from old places that hold great value; Lazy is from the Lazy River from an old water park. They like to lounge around, more active at night or in darkrides!


Guydrothermal Vents (Lumos form)
Guydrothermal is a creature from Lumos (world created by KILLERCAROUSEL ). They live in the inky-black waters of the world but come out to explore the neon cities when the nightlife starts up.


Dewizel (Pokemon form)
This is Guy's pokemon form, a Buizel + Dewott Hybrid! (I imagine them in a pokemon mystery dungeon type setting!) They carry around the key items: mobile scarf, sky blue bow, aqua-monica, heal seed, warp seed, clear gummi, foe-hold orb, and lots or oran berries, plus a nice bottle of Moomoo Milk!

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