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Name Ellipsa

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race -

Spectrum Magnitude Fragment

Homeland ???

Location being a pal


As the integral ellipse structure, Ellipsa is the living embodiment of ovals, ellipses and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Ellipses exist because Ellipsa exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Outgoing and friendly, Ellipsa is a standard extrovert, pouring most of his time into being around his friends and going on hijinks-filled adventures with them. Though he struggles with boredom when he's alone, he isn't plagued by low self-esteem or low confidence.

Still, he's not shallow - rather, Ellipsa is highly intuitive and can quickly cut a conversation to its meat or reel his more intense friends in. Harboring encyclopedic knowledge, he's generally right about things.

Certainly, he's no pushover - but he doesn't pull out his big guns unless he feels people are going too far. What's "going too far?" Mostly things along the lines of actively trying to hurt other people, or being an outright dick to lesser beings.

Overall, he's just a well-rounded, nice friend - easy to get along with and positive.


Biographic Information 

Phonetics ee-lip-sah

Heightwow! rude!

Birthdaywhat a rude question!

Eraexcuse you!

Universeagain with the rudeness!


NicknamesEllie, Sips

Occupation having common sense

Affiliation Magnitude Fragment

Affinity Ellipses

AlignmentLawful Neutral


Primary ThemeGnip Gnop

Secondary ThemeTake it Easy


Partner(s) -

Best Friendyou want him to choose?

Oldest Friend Kolo


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An extrovert true to the bone, Ellipsa absolutely loves being around other people. He finds great joy in befriending others and taking care to learn their needs and hobbies, taking part or encouraging them to pursue their goals. He's taken the motto of "a friend to all" to his heart, and goes out of his way to appeal to his friends. 

It's not a coverup for creeping self-doubt or anything. Ellipsa genuinely struggles to fill his time when he's alone, instead finding the presence of others to be soothing and emotionally invigorating. He can stand spending a few days at his own place without visitors, but it's not exactly enjoyable, and he ends up bored and under-stimulated most of the time. 

The other Mags find him a typically-pleasant presence - supportive and sensible, Ellipsa can always reel them in if they've gone too far (without the harsh bluntness that Kolo harbors) but still find ways to energize any discussion or event (without becoming overwhelming, like Zvezda). Ellipsa generally molds himself to the expectations of his friends, but has a strong core identity that he easily and willingly falls back on if he feels he must voice dissent or bring up another topic. 

Intelligent and perceptive, Ellipsa is an encyclopedia of information. With a stellar memory (primarily reserved for remembering things about his friends), he's always the one to buy the best gifts, recall past conversations, instruct others during activities, and help arrange events while staying on schedule. Dependable would be a word Ellipsa would call himself with pride.

The ability to get along with any of the others - despite how erratic, headstrong, and stubborn they can be - is Ellipsa's favorite personal achievement. No one else can really make claim to that crown, and while he doesn't lord it over other's heads, he does cite it as a genuine trait of himself and is proud to talk about it if the topic comes up. Need help befriending Rendgen again? Ellipsa's your guy!

All of this, coupled with a heap of worldly experience makes Ellipsa a stunning conversationalist, able to discuss just about anything that his peers would wish to. Chances are, Ellipsa knows something about the topic that the others don't, and he can almost always back up his words with well-reasoned logic or scientific support. He isn't rude or snide during debates - to him, it's not about being right; it's about having a nice discussion where all parties can walk away both happy and freshly-informed. 

Petty grudges and spats are beneath him. Who would want to actually argue with others or build resentment, when they could just talk it out, or hang out and resolve the conflict? 

Ellipsa does struggle slightly with boundaries - he isn't always sure how far is too far. People-pleasing comes naturally to him, and when around Mags with stronger personalities, he has to watch his actions carefully to ensure he isn't allowing things to get out of his hand and cross his own internal moral code. 

Really, though, is it a crime to want to see his compatriots happy? 

His perceptiveness, combined with his love of groups and desire to push his friends into living their best lives has combined and evolved into a penchant for finding cute couples among the Mags. An aficionado of romance already, it felt like the natural next step to pick out adorable partners. 

It wasn't like Ellipsa thought he knew better - he saw it more as making suggestions to his friends, which they could ignore or deny at will. He just knew them well enough to make educated enough guesses. He'd never push them into obeying him or taking him super seriously, but when Mags he hooked up end up dating, Ellipsa wants to be there to cut their wedding cake.

Romance between mortals is boring - mostly because Ellipsa doesn't know them well enough. Mortals are fine and all, but... he just struggles to grasp them, nor does he care to allocate enough attention to learn about most. He cares about them, in the distant way that all Mags do, but is one of the least likely to be found fumbling about in Timelines.

He also isn't interested in romance for himself - the thought doesn't really appeal, not a dedicated relationship. But he's fine with fooling around on the side with the rest of the Mags, a common dynamic they share with one another, and has been the first kiss for quite a few.

His closest friends include Polumesec and Kolo, although Ellipsa would likely never willingly admit it (picking favorites would upset the more possessive boys). Really, he's on good terms with everyone; Ellipsa wouldn't call any of the Mags an enemy or say that he disliked them.

Kolo was his first friend - blunt, reclusive, and most certainly an introvert, but they connected quickly and Ellipsa could soon call himself one of Kolo's confidantes. There was something synergizing about each other, something unifying; maybe it was their shapes, maybe it was their personalities. Ellipsa doesn't know, nor does he really care to find out.

In all honesty, Kolo is his confidante, too. While Ellipsa may functionally appear closer to people like Prav, Polum, and Linija, Kolo is always the person he turns to in the end - the person he actually trusts with his own self-doubts. Kolo's honesty and perceptiveness appeals deeply to Ellipsa, and together they make quite the observant pair - both towards each other and the outside group. When Ellipsa struggles to turn his gaze inwards, Kolo is there to help.

Polum was a less intentional friend, and not quite as deeply - they ended up gravitating after Polum had to spend more time awake and Ellipsa slipped in to befriend, as he did with all Mags. Polum is a person who needs some guidance and TLC - both of which Ellipsa has in spades and is more than generous with heaping on. Slowly, he's helping Polum figure out the merits of friendship and expressing care about other people.

Overall, Ellipsa is just a well-rounded friend who wants his ingroup to be happy and safe, despite all circumstances. Weirdly sensible and laidback for a Mag.




Locationyour house

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  • Carving knives
  • Peaches
  • Cherry trees
  • The ocean
  • Scenery
  • Arguments
  • Campfires
  • Air conditioning
  • Hotels
  • Fireworks

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  • Favorite color is green! Mostly vibrant ones
  • Favorite color is Spring - it's really green!
  • Likes gnawing on things like bones, jerky, etc.
  • Mostly is fine with eating because he sees it as a primarily social activity (going out to eat with someone, romantic dinners, etc).
  • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is savory
  • Ambidextrous
  • Has smooched Kolo before! Proud of himself for it (hasn't gone any further)
  • Has a number of pen names he publishes photography under, all free to use (what is a money or a copyright); doesn't really share this hobby with the others though
    • Kolo does know, though, and is supportive
  • Free time is BORING. No free time for Ellipsa. Full schedule only!!
  • Enjoys pets, but doesn't "keep" them - just spawns in a pet animal when he wants one and unspawns it whenever he doesn't (it's a new entity every time)
  • Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue, in his mouth, because he rewrote reality so that "I can tie cherry stems" could be true
    • What's a little cheating between pals? ;)
  • Is incredibly offended when it's insinuated he has no emotional depth
  • Very much a "suffering doesn't make you special" kinda guy, but rarely verbalizes controversial opinions
    • More worried about upsetting people than his reputation being soured, and will speak his mind if prompted to/asked to

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