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name Starla Hawthorne pronouns she/her age 25 Species Wolf occupation Retail status nft


Starla has always craved attention, though despite her desire for it, she's never distinguished beween good and bad attention. When she was younger, she used to spend most of her time playing pretend, roleplaying successes and adventures, and getting lost in the games other kids would drag her into. While most of them eventually grew tired of her, she remained close with one of the weirdest girls, Izzy Owens - both because of Izzy's gradual development of lycanthropic abilities, but also because she was one of the only ones who was still willing to play along with her when they outgrew elementary school games.

As much as she wanted to, she could never compete with Izzy's quirky appeal, so she was both intensely jealous and drawn to her. That, paired with what grew into an ability to shapeshift, drove Starla mad over her; while they were nearly the best of friends, she delved into witchcraft to find a way to take Izzy's appeal and powers for her own. This backfired in the worst of ways... She killed Izzy to perform a ritual that would accomplish this, but blinded by her fixation with Izzy, she hadn't even noticed that someone else had been keeping an eye on her as well. A boy at their school found out what she'd done, but in a stroke of terrible luck, he'd been working to make a cure for death and merely needed a body to test it on. Only a few weeks after Starla had killed her, she showed up back at school seemingly having no recollection of the incident... Things returned to normal, once people stopped asking why some of Izzy's body parts had changed color, but Izzy began to develop demon powers on top of benefitting from undeath AND being a werewolf. She and Starla remained close, even when people found Izzy's missing leg and word started to spread that Izzy wasn't alive at all... Eventually, Starla realized that Izzy remembered what she'd done, because Izzy finally confronted her and made her help untangle the mess that her death had caused. She wasn't mad - She'd gained so much from Starla's actions - but she made Starla help cover up her old identity and make one that she could live under as Izzy Owens was found to be missing, then dead, and Ichigo Orshank became Starla's "new" best friend.

Starla and Ichigo remained close, Starla being dragged behind the friend she jealously sunk her claws into down into a world of magic and undeath. Starla doesn't mind, as the people around her are just as deranged as the girl who murdered her high school best friend, and Ichigo's not going to rat her out for killing her as long as they're on "friendly" terms.








Starla has a pretty abrasive personality, often lying and causing mischief when bored, usually kept on a short leash by the more sociable Ichigo. She's petty, bratty and fairly selfish, but she's also fiercely loyal to the few people she's actually close to, being a good listener and the first to start a beatdown on anyone who tries taking advantage of her friends less willing to make a scene. She may bullshit everyone around her, but if she sees someone she likes doing something she doesn't, she's going to say something - you won't be getting away with texting your ex or dying your hair a color you know looks bad on you when she's around.


  • She colors her fur with sharpie, specifically to match Ichigo's.
  • Often colors other people's fur too, when she's bored.
  • Is that girl who asks to play with your hair/offers to cut your hair for you in the school bathroom
  • Her silver fur sparkles in moonlight.
  • Doesn't have any piercings, but she steals Ichigo's fake ones sometimes.
  • Bright colors
  • Stars
  • Witchcraft
  • Dragons
  • Myspace
  • Music
  • Crowds
  • Long sleeves
  • Having plain hair
  • Pants
  • Being in the sun
  • Sushi