he/fae pronouns.

He oftentimes walks on his toes rather than his whole foot if he's not wearing boots.

wields magical, elemental chakrams from Amalur to help him take down small groups of enemies at mid-range distances.

dual-wields bound cutlasses to deal with stronger opponents. He also conjures Dremora Lords and Atronachs when he needs backup.

"I don't waste my time with necromancy spells! I'd have to wait until there's a dead body to necromance first! Conjure Atronach, Conjure Dremora Lord, and Bound Weapon; I can just use―and bam! Instant backup and weaponry."

"You can't live in a haunted house," says Shroud, grinning, "unless you're a ghost~."

"Neurotypical people need to understand that when your neurotype isn’t supported very well by the society and / or family you grow up in, of course there’s going to be consequences. You shouldn’t need to be a genius to figure that out, you just need thoughts in your head! Besides, even neurotypical people abuse their loved ones. Don’t act so high and mighty! Not all evils are caused by dark spirits, demons, and devils. Sometimes, hell is the home is you’re raised in, and the education you’re tortured into accepting.”

"What does 'fiery spirit' even mean around here? Are Fëanor and his kin-slaying, oath-obsessed brats just a bunch of dogs in a culture of cats? They literally went on a fetch quest for some balls. No wonder none of 'em thought of betraying him. Dogs are loyal to their masters, even cruel ones. Cats. Have. Standards! You gotta do more than just feed them, you gotta be their best friend ever!"

"Maybe it wasn't magic compelling them to continue on that futile quest. Maybe it was as simple as it being their father's dying wish―and / or the sunk-cost fallacy."

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