he/fae pronouns.

He oftentimes walks on his toes rather than his whole foot if he's not wearing heavy boots.

loves the Nightingale Armor and the Black Star.

wields magical, elemental chakrams from Amalur to help him take down small groups of enemies at mid-range distances. dual-wields bound cutlasses to deal with stronger opponents. He also conjures Dremora Lords and Atronachs when he needs backup.

in Skyrim, he goes in as a Dunmer (dark elf) as a fuck you to the Nords (the ruling men of Skyrim). Plus, Dunmer get 50% resistance to fire attacks, which is especially useful for fighting roughly half the dragons in Skyrim.

Gave Auriel's Bow to his sworn-brother Shadow. Shroud is terrible at archery anyway. His morals and mind may be mighty, but his muscles are mightily malnourished.

Gave the Sanguine Rose to Pixxy.

"I don't waste my time with necromancy spells! I'd have to wait until there's a dead body to necromance first! Conjure Atronach, Conjure Dremora Lord, and Bound Weapon; I can just use―and bam! Instant backup and weaponry."

that's right, everybody, his objection to necromancy isn't that it's evil, per se―sometimes, it's nice to have some skeletal friends to back you up―his objection to necromancy is that it's inefficient...

"You know what kind of cat Shroud is? A copycat," Shadow said, lovingly yet also tiredly. "We have to be very careful about what company he keeps. He's never had peers to be pressured by. He will crumble the minute that he does."

He doesn't think Legolas is ugly, it's just that Shroud's seen a lot of pretty boys throughout his life, and Shroud is terrible at picking out what words to use out loud. What he means is Legolas has the essence of a homely house: friendly, calming, and approachable.

This is yet another reason why Shroud doesn't talk much.

Also, Lord Celeborn definitely did something in the four books pertaining to Middle-Earth that he had growing up. Lord Celeborn helped destroy Dol Goldur! Who taught this boy how to read??? Between Shroud's terrible reading skills, his terrible concentration skills, and by virtue of how his brain works; he can play a game of telephone all by himself. He doesn't just jump to wild conclusions, he leaps to feral conclusions. And he doesn't get off a train of thought until it crashes!

"You can't live in a haunted house," says Shroud, grinning, "unless you're a ghost~."

"Neurotypical people need to understand that when your neurotype isn’t supported very well by the society and / or family you grow up in, of course there’s going to be consequences. You shouldn’t need to be a genius to figure that out, you just need thoughts in your head! Besides, even neurotypical people abuse their loved ones. Don’t act so high and mighty! Not all evils are caused by dark spirits, demons, and devils. Sometimes, hell is the home is you’re raised in, and the education you’re tortured into accepting.”

"Nothing in life is binary, including sex and gender roles."

"Skyrim is the best power fantasy ever! There are no politics to handle, only dragons."

"History's coming back to haunt all of us! Because we refuse to learn from it and refuse to teach it."

"You need to listen to people who suffer the consequences of evil, not those who produce propaganda that claims everything’s just fine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your way of life or thinking. Every culture has its problems. Do you understand the problems with yours? Or are you sweeping your cultures’ problems under the rug because you are safe, and therefore have no evils targeting you?"

You can't live in a haunted house. you can't heal in one either.

in Amalur, he goes in as a Ljosalfar for the aesthetics, ice theme, and their bonus to dispelling (the hardest task to do in that land). He likes the lore behind Ljosalfar too.

From the Amalur wiki:

Regal. Steadfast. Uncompromising.

A proud and insular people, the Ljosalfar strive to preserve nature and shape it to their will. The light elves resist change, flash-freezing their ancient homeland to keep it in an idealized, timeless state. The Ljosalfar revere the principle of Justice, fighting time and again to defend Amalur against chaos and darkness.

"Do you think they're good at preserving their personal natures too?" Shroud wonders, referring to their personalities.

The Amalurian deity Shroud favors is Ethene: the Amalurian goddess of art and wisdom.

"What the does 'fiery spirit' even mean around here? Are Fëanor and his kin-slaying, oath-obsessed brats just a bunch of dogs in a culture of cats? They literally went on a fetch quest for some balls. No wonder none of 'em thought of betraying him. Dogs are loyal to their masters, even cruel ones. Cats. Have. Standards! You gotta do more than just feed them, you gotta be their best friend ever!"

"Maybe it wasn't magic compelling them to continue on that futile quest. Maybe it was as simple as it being their father's dying wish―and / or the sunk-cost fallacy."

Wanted poster.

Favorite Lady Galadriel quotes:

Favorite Legolas Greenleaf quote:

"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!!!" ~ sometimes you need someone to say the obvious things such as but not limited to:

1) of course they don't listen to you! all you ever do is act higher and mightier than them, so when you've got an actually important message to deliver such as "hey! you know how you lost your first ancestral home? you doing that again!", they've long since learned to roll their eyes and walk away.

2) Ardan Elves are good at figuring out good morals!? what morals do they have to figure out: obey god or disobey god? those are morals for babies!!! My people literally make a game of teaching machines (that go upwards of 60 miles per hour―20 lars per hour in middle-earth terms) good morals. We have a game about charity moral dilemmas too.

3) Maybe the reason Thorin Idiotshield can only inspire his kin and kith to join his dragon-slaying party is because for him, laboring for a living is a downgrade. For everybody else, it's business as usual.

Favorite Master Splinter 2003 quotes:

  • "He serves no great purpose. He fights no great evil. He is great evil."
  • "Those who become obsessed are often their worst enemy."
  • "Old wounds are slow to heal."
  • "Our bodies need rest to heal… And that includes your mouths."
  • "Sometimes the past is a mirror in which we can see the reflection of what danger the future holds."

Favorite Teen Titans 2003 quotes:

  • "Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory," (Terra).
  • "I always thought I was missing something. Something I needed to become a man. My own team, my own mission… my own skin. So Blood did manage to teach me one lesson: I'm not missing a thing." (Cyborg).

Favorite Mando'a terms:

Favorite Song: Field of Hopes and Dreams lyrics by Alex Beckham.

"Is there a choice for me?"

"Is my lot in life just to follow commands?
As child of light and as child of man."

"What is there I can be?
Since there's no choice for me?"