Jackson Rivers ([Master Thief])



It came in the mail three days ago.

"Within three days your prizes will be mine.
Please give me a promising challenge!

Yours Truly,

The Master Thief"

The clock hit midnight.
And the roof exploded into a ball of smoke.

The Master Thief is a somewhat spectacle just as he is an enigma. No matter how good or bad a business does, all are targeted by him. They receive a card personally written by him that explains that in three days he will steal something from them. No matter how much security is beefed up or how many cameras are pointed around the area, the Master Thief always follows his word.
He's loud and loves explosions that bring attention to him, preferring to act more like a movie star rather than a lowly thief. He loves to chastise those that hunt for him, be them the police or bounty hunters, right before stealing something from them and escaping.
He has never been caught. And the more he escapes the more popular he becomes.
Who is this man? How can he plan such elaborate heists? How is he so good?
The questions pile up more and more as he gets more infamous, and each heist brings in bigger crowds of civilians curious to see the criminal with their own eyes.

The Master Thief has become somewhat of a popular underdog among the people. They love his wild antics and cheer for him even knowing full well what he's doing. And he loves it. He thrives off it.
If there's anything that could be said about the Master Thief, it's that he loves his job.