Sires Abyssal



2 years, 10 months ago



  Sires Abyssal   leader of abyssal colony

The ancient leader of Abyssal Colony, Sires has been in power longer than most. His populace are used to leaning on his skepticism and wisdom, both of which have led them through times of plenty and need. Though not overly familiar with his people, he's sensible and personable, and has an aura of honesty around him.

He originally rose through the ranks through Internal Management, specializing in Agriculture. Assisting the previous leader, he helped ration food during one of Abyssal's famines, including backing a risky exploit to siege Shell Colony for more supplies, which resulted in the Colony surviving the famine. Even now, he enjoys visiting the fish farms and sulfurfrond beds.

Close to his heart is Azamora Abyssal, another Immortal who arrived after him and might've captured his heart. Together, they sired two children - uncommon amongst Ant colonies, both for the near-monogamy and for the low number of children. Still, Sires tolerates no whispering about his two heirs - Oaranella and Aglaope - and it's not like his people have any reason to mistrust his judgement.

The recent ramping of tensions have unsettled both Sires and the unsteady peace he'd grown used to.

Race: Ant (Aner)

Spectrum: Immortal

Birthday: Teltrii 4, 57,519