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"Why do people do terrible things."

"For the same reason anyone does anything: It felt like the right thing to do at the time."

Age (human years)unknown, but ancient
Professionsmusician and waiter
Personalitypliable, masochistic, blindly obedient; accommodating, altruistic, loving  
Sexmale via sequential hermaphroditism

Ao’ze’ckr is a dual-bodied shapeshifter with one half being the false form: the humanoid one (emphasis on humanoid; it is not human.) His false form can be whatever he pleases, though he defaults to this one. He recalls encountering a creature like it and becoming attached to its visage. How, why, and when, he does not recall.

His false self can die and his true self will feel it - but it will not kill him. After recovery he can generate the false self again. Whatever form the false self takes, it is restricted to the markings & colours of his true self. His false self must be something he has encountered before. He is biomechanical.

Vr'ev'jk is a former lover who managed to convince him to be a part of his cult misadventures. They are on talking terms since Vr began to make amends, and Ao still turns to him for guidance when he feels lost, although he feels hurt by Vr's lack of remorse for his actions. He understands remorse is not required to do better, though. He understands that he is trying.

 He is one half of a terrible couple with Raieill. They feed off eachother's worst traits, validating and amplifying them.       

Fanart rules

  • I don't consent to pornographic art of this character
  • Mildly sexual is fine as long as it's either solo or with Rai (example:
  • Mildly sexual with Vr is also fine but I have no examples of this, just know that Vr is the loving kind of dominant

Design notes