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"Why do people do terrible things."

"For the same reason anyone does anything: It felt like the right thing to do at the time."

Age (human years)
surgeon turned military surgeon turned cult leader
coldly analytical, abrasive, inflexible; charismatic, loyal, honest
pansexual and aromantic
male via sequential hermaphroditism (he/him)

Vr’ev’jk is a surgeon turned military man born into immense wealth & privilege. Bored of his career and of life in general, he decided to start a cult worshiping a diplomat that Oreun rightfully locked away. He roped Ao'ze'ckr into it - who was a lover at the time - through the sheer force of charisma. Although he was not the major factor in his cult's part in Hyaline's third world war (he tried to prevent this very thing from happening), one cannot forget that he birthed the cult in the first place.  

Nevertheless, he eventually realized his fuckassery. He grew as a person and found better ways to deal with his chronic emptiness. He is on talking terms with Ao, though understandably their relationship is tense. Their major point of conflict is that Vr will not emotionally suffer for his catastrophic misadventures in the way Ao would like him to. 

Vr and Amzarah are in love, though they have a complicated aromantic and non-sexual relationship. His desire to protect them had numerous unfortunate results that both parties frequently wrestle with. 

Design notes:  Inconsistencies exist in the art uploaded here since the character design isn't finalized yet (that comes with the ref sheet.) As always in the event that you wish to draw any of my characters with no ref sheet available, pick whatever version you like and go ham ❤️‍

When depicting: I don't consent to pornographic art of this character, though mildly sexual is fine as long as it's either solo or with Ao.  I have no examples of this, just know that Vr is the loving kind of dominant. I am also fine with art depicting non-sexual affection between Amz and Vr, but my preference is their canon: not overly lovey-dovey, but comforting, like two people who are tired and have been through a lot together (they have). Interpret that as you will and don't worry, I won't get upset if it doesn't suit my interpretation of that.