Fen's Comments

Nugget looks up at the sixteen year old from his little hide a bush just ahead, his golden head unintentionally glinting sunlight into Fen's eyes, completely giving away his position as he tries to work out if Fen is a threat or not.

Okay, Fen is ADORABLE, I really like how he looks and the story behind him is really well done!
I do have a small question though: Does he get along with other people, or is it just Pala he can cope with?

Fen inches closer, squinting as he tries to peer around the bush at the source of that blinding glint of light. "Hello?"

He freezes when his eyes fall upon, not a person or an animal, but a...walking nugget of gold?

"Oh, wow," he breathes. "You don't see that every day."

Thank you! He gets along fine with most people he interacts with, but most aren't keen on taking the first step—he gives off the air of being hard to talk to because his interests don't overlap very much with theirs. Pala's the only one whom he's really gotten close to, and that's partly because of circumstances.

The little gold nugget looks at Fen and how suddenly he got so close. Nugget turns around and makes little clinks as he tries to run away... Not being that fast, given his size or lack of moving parts, but he's clearly spooked by the 'giant'.

Awww, well, either way, it's so nice to see him happy, and at least there are some who bypass the first barrier. And Pala looks lovely as well!
(Unrelated, but I really like the map you made of Havaiki! It's just that right level of detailed that makes it look nice!)

Fen stares after the nugget as it flees into the undergrowth, blinking after it. What a strange vision. Was it a vision? He squints into the foliage, and considers pursuing it, just to be sure, but there are too many bushes in his way. It didn't seem too thrilled to see him, in any case, so perhaps it would appreciate not being chased...?

I'm glad because, as you may be able to tell, I'm very invested in both of them + their relationship + their world (hence the detailed map)! You are absolutely right, they are the cutest and I will keep drawin them together. Thanks for taking the time to read about both of them, I really appreciate it!