Marin Cielo
Born inA mansion on a field?

This track is about him and Marin on a rowboat in the tropics, but tonally it's more Cielo-like.

for I am sailing between our worlds
you are the light waiting on the shore for me
you are the sky spreading out its endless wings
and I'm the sea

for I am sailing, alone on the tide
you are the bells of the port, ringing for me
you are my journey, and every story
is a dream I dream


Cielo is a wandering soul who doesn't know where he belongs. He always hated his home, a mansion by a river so far from anything that he has never known what lies beyond the field on which it stands. He has spent his life waiting for a sign that it is time to flee.

All his life, Cielo has only heard tales of the sea, but he doesn't think he's ever seen it with his own eyes. He is haunted by vague visions of this grand thing he has never seen before, its waves and the taste of the salt in the wind. He owns a seashell, which occupies a hallowed position on his shelf although he cannot remember where it came from. Some part of him is certain he must seek it out someday.

Cielo is moody, depressive, and tends to wait for things to happen to him rather than seeking experiences out on his own. He is a drifter, flighty and afraid of responsibility, and altogether not seeming to be anchored by notions of sentiment or history.