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thank u for always being there to appreciate my son... he knows u double faved him in your heart and he thinks that's TOTALLY METAL

heres a picture of thyx the edgehog donated by my lovely gf:


this of course is just fanart, because thyx the edgehog does not swear except for sometimes in dramatic moments when he says "damn." he's best friends with sonic and like a cool big bro to tails and he's training buddies with knuckles and rivals with shadow (who thinks thyx the edgehog is totally metal.) all of the villains think he's cool and so do all the heroes, also all of the girls have a crush on him but thyx the edgehog is too busy saving the world to settle down........

thyx the edgehog has a cool motorcycle and 1,000 cool guns and katanas and guntanas in addition to his awesome electric powers. he doesn't kill anyone, though, he's like batman. if he needed to kill he COULD but even though he has a mysterious and shadowy past and a dark look in his eye he's the goodest guy you'll ever meet. perhaps someday the secrets of his past will be unraveled.......................

thank you for tuning into thyx the edgehog hour. you have gained +100 friendship points with thyx

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gods i love him so much. i cant even

thank u..... thank you for loving my huge dork son. he's trying his best

oh no hes so perfect, like he has those layers of irony its just he so perf

it's only natural that thyx would have so many layers of irony...... he is, after all, TOTALLY METAL!!!!

follow for more mineral puns

hahaha omg part of me hopes that there will be art that thyx has drawn himself of his sonic OC

Stay metal, dude. B)

totally metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal