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Story: The Singularity
Setting: Sci-fi New York, modern day
Created: 2010


This is the strangest character I'll upload to Toyhouse (yes, even including ASTROBOT), because "Bagel" canonically has no known name or appearance. I call them "Bagel" simply because one of the very few details we know about them is that they like bagels.

"Bagel" is the protagonist of the first minicomic I ever made, in 2010, called The Singularity. The format is poorly planned and the whole thing was hastily drawn in a few hours in felt tip pen for a comic meetup-- I'd like to re-draw it someday (maybe even with two companion comics I had planned)-- but I have always loved this character's story, even if I didn't have the skill to execute it well at the time.

Because of the nature of the minicomic, every personal detail about the character is a spoiler, so I'll put the things we know about the character under the cut, and they won't be tagged. Read the comic before you click (it's only three pages long). All content is perfectly SFW and so on.

  • "Bagel" is excited for the coming of the Singularity, and maybe isn't quite sure why.
  • "Bagel" is really into sci-fi and technology and also paranoid about it.
  • "Bagel" is assumed to be masculine because the comic mentions boxer shorts, but the story works if they just said "underwear," so they could be anything.
  • The Singularity may or may not have actually come in the minicomic.
  • The Singularity may or may not be "Bagel" becoming self-aware in the final panel.
  • "Bagel" may or may not die in the end.
  • "Bagel" is an android who doesn't know they're an android.

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits