Zanzibar Zebras

Zanzibar Zebras was the name I used for my standalone minicomics: between 2010 and 2012 I made several of these. With the exception of The Singularity, which was my earliest minicomic and different in format, all of them are all-ages, silent little stories that I sold physical copies of at local indy cons, black-and-white brush-inked comics copied onto colored paper and folded into unique shapes. You can read them all on my website.

This folder is a home for the original characters I made for those comics. These aren't active characters: their stories are pretty much finite and confined to the comics that they're from, but they were fun and so here they are.

The Singularity
April 2010

The Singularity finally comes, but it's much more mundane than expected.

With a Little Help From My Friends
April 2011

Trashed cassette tapes fly on the wind, but where do they wind up?

  • (no original characters)
Fantasy Baseball
October 2011

Fantasy baseball is more magical than you think.

Happy Birthday!
December 2011

A child is too hasty in opening their birthday gift.

February 2012

A "friendly" game of Monopoly between siblings results in a long journey to prove a point.

June 2012

A young space captain is sent out to find a new home for the survivors of his ruinous planet.

June 2012

An aging sea captain, restless after both poles have already been discovered, is bent on capturing the Kraken for the glory of his country.

The Zanzibar Zebra
Early 2012

The mascot: the Zanzibar Zebra. He has no comic, but he has a story: he sailed away from mainland Africa on a raft to get away from his amorous lioness suitor.