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Cloudlanders: Relationship Profile

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25 • they/them • 10 September

The skipper of the Cloudlander. Optimistic, absent-minded, and overwhelmed by attention and praise. Sociable—the sort to go wild at parties—and happy to let things take them where they will. They're incredibly tolerant (but their patience can be tested) and lacking in self-confidence.
In a nutshell

An offshore sailing team named for their yacht, the Cloudlander. Jinai has been in the sport 5 years longer than Anqien, who worries they're not meeting her skill level. Jinai, however, feels responsible for Anqien's future in sailing, and wants to do well for both of them.

Truth is, Anqien has been (obliviously) crushing on Jinai since joining the team, while Jinai is still big sad about her ex who dumped her last year. They are each other's rock and anchor, and trust each other with their lives. They're also openly affectionate, to the point of playfully flirting sometimes—but both resolutely refuse entertain the thought of romance, lest it ruin their professional relationship. 😏

Art ideas

Sailing together - Anqien skippers (helm/steering), and Jinai handles the ropes. Their vessel is the Cloudlander - most accurate ref.
Jinai not noticing Anqien being starstruck or in love with her.
Cuddling, kissing, hand-holding, other tender gestures of affection.
Angst and comforting each other - they go through a lot of ups and downs - wins, losses, accidents, injuries.
On a date in the city - cafe, amusement park, aquarium, boardwalk...go wild.
Anything water-themed or incorporating their theme animals (orca / bottlenose dolphin).
(If you somehow have the time) anything from the novel they're from (it's complete).


Talker Listener
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

Gets in trouble Gets out of trouble
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

"I'm superior" "We're equals" "I'm inferior"
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

Easily flustered Unflappable
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

Life of the party What is joy
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

Change-maker Keeps things stable
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png

Problem haver Problem solver
JDAEJvO.png q7ytytt.png
Relationship attitudes
Emotional openness
Physical affection
Emotional needs

Chat log

hi jinai! how are you going today? hope the doctor's appointment went well.
Hey, if it isn't my favourite person.
aaaa 😳
Yeah I'm good, it was pretty uneventful. Which is all you could hope for.
What's up?
umm did you wanna hang out on the promenade before training?
it's a nice day out
and Lili's does a two-for-one thing every first of the month
Whoa, I totally missed that that was happening. Not surprised you were keeping track though :P
Sure, how about nine in the morning?
yeah I can make it! :> excited

Pagedoll garden

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28 • she/her • 5 April

The mainsheet trimmer of the Cloudlander. Ambitious, demanding, and down on herself. She thinks too hard, always expects the worst, and often fantasises about running away from everything. Has a wry sense of humour and a whimsical energy under it all.