Unbridled optimism.

energetic // go-getting // hardworking

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1998?


Full Name "Billie" Fisher Age 39 Species Human
Nicknames None Birthday April 13, 1967 Gender Nonbinary (intersex, raised as a girl)
Prefers Billie or Bill Zodiac Aries Pronouns any pronouns
Character Group ??? Religion Former Amish Sexuality Pansexual
Group Role Morgan's spouse Background Amish (German) Relationship Status Married to Morgan
Day Job Butcher Birthplace Pennsylvania Living Situation In a house with Morgan and their kids
  • was born with 5-ARD
  • married to Morgan, they have fostered and/or adopted a number of kids over the years
  • peppy af, energy for days
  • pls clam down
  • won't clam down
  • works in a deli
  • has a lot of dreams and a lot of drive
  • working in a deli isn't one of those but it's an honest living
  • and they love chatting with all the customers
  • do you want to hear about their kids? good because that's happening
  • also wants to hear about your kids. don't have any? pls tell them about your cat, dog, guinea pig or cactus
  • pretty much impossible to tick off, very patient and good-natured; will laugh at their own foibles
  • like, try to make fun of how they dress like a cowboy and they'll just agree and make jokes with you
  • there's a snake in my boot!
  • probably too idealistic and perfectionistic
  • the gentlest heart
  • but they believe in their self
  • and so do I
Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Wiry
Eyes: Muddy green Hair: Red, curly
Handedness: Right Style: Country

Billie is lean and active, with mirthful green eyes, a long nose, and curly, deep red hair. They have a typically masculine body shape.

They like to dress somewhat country, typically in blue jeans, checked shirts, and suspenders, and often in a favorite pair of cowboy boots.

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