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dopey // loving // embarrassing

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1998?


Full Name Morgan Fisher Age 41 Species Human
Nicknames None Birthday September 24, 1965 Gender Nonbinary (intersex, raised as a boy)
Prefers Morgan Zodiac Libra Pronouns He/Him or They/Them
Character Group ??? Religion ??? Sexuality Billie-sexual? (Demi)
Group Role Billie's spouse Background American Relationship Status Married to Billie
Day Job Movie reviewer Birthplace ??? Living Situation In a house with Billie and their kids
  • was born with Klinefelter syndrome
  • married to Billie, they have fostered and/or adopted a number of kids over the years
  • Professor X is a personal hero
  • he has so much love for everyone
  • makes it his life's work to embarrass his kids
  • he's succeeding
  • but he cares
  • really good listener, understanding
  • there for you
  • will also show his kids no mercy in Mario Kart
  • as for his actual life's work, he writes movie reviews for the local paper
  • has so many stupid novelty mugs and t-shirts
  • probably has an animatronic singing fish proudly displayed in the crapper
  • give him a birthday card with a bad pun and an animal cartoon and he'll tell everyone about it
  • the kind of dad who sends his kids those email forwards all dads seem to be subscribed to
  • how do you even start getting those? is there a secret society you join when you become a dad
  • Billie's rock
  • help I can already feel him wanting to make rock puns
Height: 6'2"/188cm Build: Kind of chubby
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown, curly
Handedness: Left Style: Dad chic

Morgan has a friendly face framed by thick brows and a nest of curly brown hair. He's usually wearing "fun" clothing like Hawaiian shirts and t-shirts with funny sayings.

As is typical of Klinefelter syndrome, Morgan is tall and long-limbed, with a feminine pattern of fat distribution and gynecomastia. He can't grow a beard, but hey, that just saves him time in the morning.

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