Rosamund Phoebe



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Name Rosamund Phoebe
Called Lady Licorne
Age 350+
Gender female
Race purebreed licorne
Role Lady of the Forest, the King's Maiden
Alignment Neutral Good
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{ quiet . polite . proud . gentle . nurturing . pacifist . reserved }
The only known licorne residing in the enchanted forest. After years of self-isolation in fear of the Wicked King, she meets his grandson and current king, King Caelan, and her peaceful life got thrown into a whirlwind of events and emotions unknown to licornekin.


  • flowers
  • ancient sites
  • children
  • high heels


  • dirt
  • being mistaken for a unicorn (or worse, a horse)
  • nymphs and mermaids
  • chaos


The Lady Licorne is revered across the whole enchanted forest, as the only one of her powerful line to reside in the area. Her magic is strong, especially aimed at healing at growth, and the forest's inhabitants are ever grateful of her help in keeping their forest eternally beautiful, healthy and prosperous. She's a being centuries old, and for centuries to come she'll keep gracing these lands; and even when her time comes, she knows she won't a need a male to keep her magic alive, for the purebreed, strongest licornes generate a new life upon death, with their very last spark of magic ---the golden, magical rose at the base of her horn proof of it, and which someday will bloom a new licorne.
Well knowing her worth, and with the forest's adoration proving it, the Lady Licorne may be a bit proud, taking offense quite easily, but her heart is tender and gentle, uncapable of harm. She's a quiet, reserved creature, skittish when it comes to encounters; an elusive mirage rarely seen in the forest. Even when she comes to help, she'd rather come with less people around as possible. While she likes the more feral creatures, she finds herself most skittish with the more humanoid ones: for they are capable to love just as quickly and intensely as they could hate, feelings the licornekin could not understand.

Mother of the Wyvern

In her tranquil, almost boring life, the Lady Licorne found herself in peril only a handful of times ---one of them, being a quarrell with the wyverns. Licorne magic is one of the few kinds of magic the draconic kind is not unaffected by, and so she was one of the few who could placate their ires. Once their new territories were set and peace once again reigned in the enchanted forest, the Lady found an abandoned egg that hadn't been taken by the wyverns. Unable to leave it be, she stayed by the egg's side until it hatched, warming it with her magic (and occasionally body); from the egg hatched a baby wyvern whome the Lady Licorne took as her own son, and named Aalif.
Aalif was raised in the only way the Lady knew, as a licorne, and as such he acted, despite the teasing of the forest's creatures. This brought his mother to be fiercely protective of him, Aalif being the main reason why the Lady Licorne shun herself during the events of the Wicked King and the Bleeding Heart.

The Gates are Shun

The enchanted forest had always been in peace with the neighboring kingdom that had claimed its magical lands under their protection, the two co-existing in harmony since centuries. But when a King, fueled by greed and a morbid curiosity, committed unspeakable acts against the forest and its inhabitants, for decades, the Guardian had to come to a hard decision: closing the forest's gates to all mortals, unless they proved their worth to the Guardian themself.
No one knew for sure what happened to the Wicked King, thought dead by the whole kingdom, but finally his son took his tarnished crown. This new king proved his worth to the Guardian, but never mentioned his social status or heritage to the creatures of the forest. The man fell in love, reciprocated, with a Flida; a white doe, one of the most noble creatures of the forest. But when eventually he was discovered to be the king, son of the Wicked King, another Flida got immensely worried for her kin and the whole forest, and cursed the man and his family to horrible fates. The king's lover gave her life in order to put a counter-curse: no creature of the forest could ever harm his beloved nor his bloodline; the enchanted forest would always be a safe haven to them. The whole event caused quite the scandal, and with a broken heart the Guardian decided to shun the gates from mortal access once and for all.
Amidst all this, the Lady Licorne had long fled her usual fields in the enchanted forest, hiding herself and her son in a secluded ancient site, far from prying eyes; this all way before the Guardian closed the gates, looking for safety for her and her child at the early signs of the Wicked King's cruelty...for she had tried to help the forest, but when the Wicked King managed to capture an Alicorne of all creatures she knew well there was nothing she could do, if not protect Aalif. All she knew of the events which would later occur, were mostly hearsay from the spirits of the forest, and she only came out of hiding once she was absolutely sure that the gates were definitely, permanently closed, and no danger lied anymore in the forest.

The King's Maiden

Not long had passed before the enchanted forest was into turmoil again: King Caelan Terell, son of the Heartbroken King and grandson of the Wicked King, found a way to get into the magical fields despite its gates being closed...and he seemed dead set into finding something. What, nobody knew, but the young king turned the forest upside down for his purpose, occasionally showing interest in some of the rarest creatures inhabiting the place; one of them, of course, being the Lady Licorne.
It initially was a game of hide-and-seek between the two: the king would "hunt" the licorne, but never hurt her, merely showing great interest in her magical powers, and especially in the golden rose from which her horn sprout. It was the Lady Licorne's pacifist nature that brought them to talk, in hopes to end this stressful game, when she finally abandoned her pride and used her powers to shapeshift into a human ---a girl of ethereal beauty. And as the two talked, Caelan gave her a name: Rosamund Phoebe ("horse protection" or "rose of the world" and "bright, pure"); and not only a name, but he gave her details about his life, how he was looking for his lost half-brother in that very forest, how he hoped to find also a cure for his cursed sister, and that he wanted to research magical creatures and redeem his family's name.
Rosamund helped him, from navigating the forest to uncovering its secrets, and in turn Caelan showed her the world outside the forest's gates, the beauty of his kingdom and its people. The visits to his castle were so frequent she was known as the King's Maiden, his Golden Rose, and feelings she wasn't aware licornekin were capable to harbor grew in her.
But this is only the start of their story, and of the events that would soon unfold...


✦Rosamund means either "rose of the world" or "horse protection", while Phoebe means "light"; her name was given by King Caelan.
✦She dislikes wearing shoes in human form, but learnt to love to wear high heels, as they give her more the impression of tiptoeing on her hooves; if Caelan doesn't reprimand her, she'll wear them even in bed!
✦Doesn't like eating meat, but appreciates a lot the various desserts humans come up with!



King Caelan Terell [ "it's complicated..." ]

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Aalif [ "my dearest son" ]

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Skylar [ "a faithful friend" ]

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