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Name"Tex" Haskell
OccupationMaster Scout

Quick Stats

Charisma★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Kindness★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Integrity★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Caution★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Intelligence★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


BuildFuzzy.. but average
EyesShades of green
SkinPeach and deep brown fur
HairReddish brown



Brave - Keen - Smug - Incessant

Haskell has been depended on for a wide swath of jungle-land since he learned to trust humanoids (and learned their speaking-language), and he doesn't intend to let down so many people now! Anything that comes his way, he wants to figure out, especially since he's vital to the thriving trade-routes and tourist economy to and from his jungle homeland. 

He's a little out of touch with what constitutes 'cool', though goodness, does he try; his pleasant demeanor makes it hard to hold it against him and instead comes back around in a nice enough way. Rarely does Tex let anything defeat him, whether its someone's bad attitude or an attacking, feral creature!
...That being said, sometimes he lets it get to him, in the opposite way. No, Tex doesn't get overwhelmed, but he sure takes things too far, expecting everyone to have the most impeccable good manners in thanking him constantly (to be fair, he does a lot out in the jungle), or allowing him to joke when it's not a good time, ask for more when all was given... But he's amenable to learning from these things (m-most times). Tex desires attention and respect and really won't stop until he at least gets a concrete answer. 

Since so many people wander and traverse the jungle's expanse, he's never really lonely. But, there are times he misses having 'assistants' and 'students'-- maybe better known as academics and other scouting-masters that are mapping out his territory, but don't have the heart to tell Tex that they work for someone else.
Someday, he'd like to do more than be a protector in name only; maybe before he goes gray-feathered, he'd like to be called upon like a Knight, or rest in a tower and be considered the brightest teacher of so many pupils. For now, though, he does have a lot of fingers in seemingly-important pies, what with strangers managing to wander off into dangerous areas if he looks away for one moment... It's just such a damn shame that no one is willing to help this fella out and sort out his existence with the world's governments and prove his rich life on paper, and give him the recompense he deserves! Right now, his greatest gift is either a fancy hand-made bandana, or a gorgeous cake with his name written on it... That he, ahem, can't read.

Traits and Rarities

Subspecies of Venos. Unknown rarity, but indeed nearly one-of-a-kind (as of writing this profile, anyway)!


  • Being needed so badly that there's a demand of his services all across the jungle! He has skills to share with the world, a-thank you very much
  • Sharpening his teeth and all his claws
  • Pretty much preening himself, or having others preen him.
  • Getting gifts from grateful humanoids. Hell, humanoids in general rule!


  • Scavenging in the wild when humanoid rations run out
  • Other, non-feathery Venos (they're intimidating and seem so weirdly familiar, but also not)
  • Being called flawed-- particularly hurtful things such as 'dumb'. Just because he isn't 'human smart' doesn't mean he's not clever in other ways!


  • The setting he resides in can either be full-on fantasy, or modern-ish.
  • The reason for his nickname changes depending on setting: for fantasy, the nickname 'Tex' is a different language, bestowed upon him by a bevy of grateful travelers. Modern: it's because he's got quick reflexes with his venom spit, like an old-school sharpshooter.

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