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DRAWING NOTES: Do NOT draw him with a tail! Hat is optional, black sclera and teeth are a slight pink tint!

Eduard Ishmael Bishop, 23, male

Grand Witch of Night, Death and Smoke

Completely mute

Despise what other people might think, he doesn't know sign language at all. He prefers telepathy

Some say that if you stare in his eyes too long you'll see how you are going to die, usually after a few days

He called his black cat Memento Mori, he likes to call it just Mori tho

Mori can levitate. Imagine waking up to that at three am.

Can use telepathy to talk to other, or can briefly possess his cat to do so

His cat is "dating" Animosus' cat Buttercup

Sometimes he accidentally makes flowers around him to wither away. He's very sad when it happens

Him and Animosus are friends and likes to visit him often, especially with his cat because they can both fangirl about the cute things their cats do together 

That and he likes Animosus' chamomile tea

Memento Mori sleeps with its tongue slightly poking out and it's very adorable and Ed has a fuckton of pictures of that

If he is really sick he will start producing this black, thick smoke from his mouth that smells like a mixture of incense and puke

Hates any kind of apple dessert. Apple tarts especially.