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"I did not mean to scare you. I apologize."
Name Eduard Ishmael Bishop
Age 23
Height 165 cm
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Species Witch
Orient. Heterosexual
Taken? No
Home Small cottage in the woods
World Earth
Job Witch
Creator ender
Status Drinking tea
Theme Playlist
Design by MoonlightCinderella Code by Vom
Design Notes
  • NO TAIL!!!
  • Dark unicorn horn, sometimes glows with a black aura
  • Witch hat is optional
  • Slightly pink tinted teeth
  • Black sclera
  • Hair reaches the halfway point of his back, but lenght can depend in artwork, i don't mind it changing
  • Inverted crosses in his pupils
  • Always dresses very feminine, lots of lace and flowy materials

Gentle and quiet is the short way of describing Eduard. A soft individual, he radiates a certain uneasy aura upon first meeting due to his type of magic, however he wouldn't hurt a fly. A polite and happy man, he enjoys meeting new people and making friends, not shying away from inviting them for a cup of tea.

However, Eduard can be a little too trusting and might get himself in trouble because of his naivity. Even with his gregarious nature, he has a certain hesitation about meeting humans due to his upbringing and he is afraid of fire and large pointy tools like pitchforks.


Eduard was born to a witch couple on a lovely spring evening, blessed by the lavender flowers. His childhood was spent trying to be a normal child, but as soon as he started practicing his magic, his friends had started treating him differently. Due to him being born as a rare Witch of Death, the locals had became afraid of the young child.

This fear turned deadly one night as the people decided they didn't feel safe with witches around, and so they went after the young family. After this violent affair, Eduard's parents were killed and he barely escaped alive, hiding in the woods before stumbling upon an abandoned cottage where he has found his home until this day.

  • Chamomille tea
  • His kitty familiar Memento Mori
  • Lace
  • Rain
  • Gardening tools
  • Fire
  • Superstitions
  • Apple tarts
  • Wolves
Extra Facts
  • Nowadays he's safe to go into the town but he still gets stares when he does so.
  • He is mute but doesn't know sign language. He uses telepathy or possesses his cat to speak.
  • People have rumoured that looking into his eyes for too long will show you how you'll die and it happening in a few days.
  • He likes to say that his friend's cat is dating his.
  • He likes shopping from the female section and appreciates dresses. At the same time he understands the struggle of tiny female jeans pockets.
  • He's a witch of Death, as well as Night and Smoke.
  • Due to his powers he sometimes makes plants wither away.
  • While his blood is red, when he's extremely ill or hurt he will start letting out a black smoke through his mouth. It smells like incense and vomit.