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They're bad luck. That's what anyone could tell you about Omen, someone who wears that status proudly like a medal (or perhaps a very sinister brooch). The fact that they go by that name says more than enough. Something about them is off, perhaps the way they look at you, eyes lingering too long, as if they were plotting your elaborate demise.

None of these gut feelings would be baseless. Omen is a literal black hole of misfortune, siphoning away the luck of everyone in their vicinity, but not really gaining any of it for themself. And what fun would it be if they didn't use this to their advantage? They have swindled entire casinos of their entire treasuries and gained vast amounts of wealth via perfectly legal methods, leaving baffled authorities scrambling for an excuse to incriminate them (eventually they were found guilty of tax evasion on their newly-made fortune, and had to pay hefty fines—even luck can't change the law).

Even then, they continue to find new ways of decimating others' luck to their advantage. They are the con artist extraordinaire; making bets with the uninitiated has proven a fantastic source of benefactors and favours. They aren't particularly in need of cash at this point, considering their earlier successes: catch them rolling in piles of dollar bills in their free time. But friends? Nothing a few debts can't buy.

Their attitude towards life is broadly represented by their exploitativeness—of their abilities, and of others. They're sly, and have a dangerously, unsettlingly unreadable manner, as of still surface water over riptides, something always lurking beneath. But they're also notably vain, preferring a gaudy, kitschy look that's just a bit too much without being outright terrible.


Omen is what happens when the universe divides by zero: it happens every now and then, an edge case involving the RNG in the sky causing someone to be born with zero luck, resulting in a math exception error and creating a deep gravity well for fortune.

Now, everywhere they go, Omen constantly and passively swallows the luck of others. This isn't luck in the broad sense we understand it: their power works on the level of discrete information and can shape physical events, but not necessarily decisions. They don't enjoy an increase in luck themself, either, but oftentimes just the ability to make an opponent unluckier than oneself is extremely useful on its own.

After sucking a few casinos completely dry, they are now banned from entering at least 50 gambling establishments in five different cities, and everyone knows better than to play against them. Other places from which they are banned include hospitals, disaster zones and areas of high risk. In a bizarre self-fulfilling prophecy, they've become a bad omen in their own right.

The strength of their luck-guzzling capabilities can change with the wind; on some days, they get to keep more of the luck they steal than on others. They carry six golden dice in the case hanging around their neck, rolling them to determine the current levels.

Of course, the greater the degree of one's undeserved fortune, the stronger one attracts the harbingers of death and justice. Omen knows someone of an otherworldly nature is chasing them, and they've had to start making plans.

Fortuna Omen is the goddess Fortuna's greatest shame. She has spent the entire span of their life trying to clean up their messes behind the scenes, knowing full well that she is responsible for their birth, and will continue to be responsible for the births of similar leeches, for the rest of eternity.
Mort Mort's most recent assignment has been to hunt this luck-leech down and deliver them the just death they are long overdue for. It's really not her top priority however; she's kind of busy chasing a different slippery trickster.
  • Omen owns a pet raven named Serra. It's appropriate, isn't it, one symbol of ill fortune for another. Omen loves her dearly.
  • They were the third of the three original Nocturna characters, found in this JavaScript game I made.