Hugh Oscar



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Name Hugh Oscar
Birthdate 1953
Hometown London, England
Gender male
Race british caucasian
Sexual Orientation straight
Alignment chaotic neutral
Debut Page 1

A Cockney accented British vampire with a serious drinking prob*cough* hobby. Yes, it's definitely just a hobby he blows all his money on night after night. But he's a vampire so, who cares? Not like he has to buy much. Hugh seems content to forever be a wastrel and a drifter. As his appearance suggests, he's a bit of a brute, with a violent streak and simple desires, he does whatever he wants in order to make himself happy. Does that make him a bit selfish? At heart he's a down to earth, sociable guy who's done little to fill his brain over the years. If you're willing to listen, maybe he'll share a story with you over a drink.


  • strong alcohol
  • any chance to show off
  • friendly ladies


  • most animals, including bats
  • being told to speak english
  • watered down drinks
  • being touched when he's a tiny bat


Hugh was born in a London brothel to a young prostitute. From a young age he had to learn to take care of himself. Early in his life, his father would come to visit him and his brother, bringing them gifts after paying for a night with his mum. He looked up to his father, a small time car thief, greatly and after he passed away, he taught himself how to steal. He started by snipping the bags of grocery shoppers. Hardly being seven at the time, he was often caught, but never given more than a slap on the wrist before he'd run off.

Meeting Iggy

When he was seven, Hugh came across a group of older boys playing cricket near where he lived. Their leader was a young man who was attending Oxford at the time, Ignatius Manning. Iggy, as he was called by the boys, started taking a liking to Hugh and paying him a small amount to run errands for him. Eventually he was welcomed as one of the lads. All, aside from Iggy, came from underprivileged backgrounds. As the boys grew older, Iggy began encourage them to perform acts of theft and violence for profit, convincing them it was the only way for people of their background to climb the social ladder. Upon reaching adulthood, the gang would graduate into members of an organized crime family run by Iggy's uncle.

Being Turned

After running with the gang for many years, it was finally dissolved and many of the members, including Hugh were incarcerated or killed. Hugh managed to eventually escape prison and retire to the country with Iggy where they hid from the police in a small cabin in the forest. One night, after recieving news of a house party in town, Hugh ventured out and managed to drink himself into cardiac arrest. After his death, his body was taken, along with several others by the members of a bat cult. Hugh's body was the only one not destroyed in their test rituals. When the ritual was performed on him, he was successfully turned and woke up feeling very hungry...



Nicky Burnett [ ex-wife ]

The love of his life. Even after their divorce, Hugh never stopped caring for her. He received an invite to visit her several years after their seperation and feels extremely guilty having never done so. For whatever reason, he continues to keep his distance to this day.


Ignatius Manning [ father figure ]

The man Hugh trusts most in the world. Iggy practically raised him and gave him some basic schooling, even though Hugh was extremely resistent to learn. There is nothing about Hugh that Iggy does not know, sometimes even before Hugh himself knows.


Benny Belmont [ best friend ]

Though Hugh considers Benny his best friend, Benny's respond to that will vary from day to day. Sometimes Hugh is the pain in his side, but whatever happens, he's always got his back. It may be what's known as a misplaced sense of loyalty as the two could not be more different.

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