She's seen it all.

smart // chill // level-headed

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2018


Full Name Amanda Kurek Age 15 Species Human
Nicknames Manda, Mandy Moore, Manwich, etc. (by Xero) Birthday June 22, 1991 Gender Female
Prefers Manda Zodiac Cancer Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Other friends/family Religion Eastern Orthodox Sexuality ???
Group Role Xero's sister Background Polish dad x Argentinean mom Relationship Status Single
Day Job High school student Birthplace Brooklyn, NY Living Situation With her family

"I love you, you doofus."

- Manda

Manda is Xero's little sister. They're close, despite the age difference. Xero ("Kas," to her) is the proud and protective big bro who would do anything for his baby sister, and she's the level-headed and supportive shoulder to cry on when he's heartbroken over a girl, or just whenever he needs someone who will tell it to him straight-- which she always will.

When he's drunk, Xero's liable to get emotional around her, threatening harm on anyone who might ever hurt her, holding forth on all the vast Life Advice of his 23 years (for example: how she should never, ever drink), or just telling her how very proud he is of her.

Manda may not be old enough to attend most of the venues her brother's band play in, but she still considers herself their number one fan.

Like her big bro, Manda is artistic: she wants to be an animator someday. She loves animals, especially Misia, the family cat. She's good in school and nerdy, and she's the only person who can legitimately challenge her brother's supremacy over the arcade games in their dad's bowling alley. They leave stupid messages back and forth to each other in the high score initials.

Height: 5'3"/160cm Build: A little chubby
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown, tips dyed (currently purple)
Handedness: Right Style: Comfortable

Manda dresses in comfy, casual clothes, like her high school sweatpants and colorful t-shirts. I associate her with teals and purples. In her ref, she's wearing a paw-print pendant around her neck.

She's a fan of Manic Panic: though she's still negotiating with her parents dyeing her whole head, the tips of her hair are always some bright color.

Pet's Name: Misia Species: Cat
Sex: Female Breed: Domestic longhair

Misia ("teddy bear" in Polish) is the family cat, big and friendly, and polite but assertive. If you have something tasty, she knows and she wants it. Please, she's wasting away into nothing over here. Would you let a poor cat starve?

She's well-loved by the family, but she's Manda's especial partner-in-crime.

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