Waite Bailey's Comments

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH- also quick question; you do a lot of pictures of Waite gettin' real mad, but what kinda things happen to get him so mad?

(oh god i don't check toyhouse notifs often SORRY)

As I am BPD, Waite also has BPD symptoms, his anger is one of them! Folk with BPD experience very extreme emotions 24/7, so Waite is moody, his love and frustration is intense, and it takes little to trigger any kind of emotion. His anger is usually a flash in the pan and can be caused by simple every day inconveniences and frustrations- a little startling to witness since the fire that builds on him is very heart-on-sleeve subconscious reaction. he's (usually) self aware enough to not lash out in harmful ways like yelling or destruction- a reaction like that would have to be caused by him getting pushed to his limits by a serious outside threat like a rogue fae or something. 

A major part of his storyline is facing a totally new world and deconstructing his lifetime of trauma. He explodes from frustration caused by that frequently and that is usually the basis for when I depict him getting upset, but his anger is usually not directed at anyone in specific. He absolutely hates hurting people and would rather turn everything inward to avoid hurting others

oooh a much more interesting answer than I was expecting, thank you! :O

My favorite fire father thank you