The goon.

gregarious // goofy // delinquent

Story: Catband
Setting: Quebec, 1988
Created: 2006?


Full Name Michael Deer Age 20 (died in 1988) Species Human
Nicknames Mike Birthday March 31, 1967 Gender Male
Prefers Mike Zodiac Aries Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Other friends/family Religion Nonreligious Sexuality Straight
Group Role Luke's cousin Background Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) Relationship Status Single
Day Job Hockey player Birthplace Kahnawake, Quebec Living Situation Deceased (lived with a billet family)

Mike was a player on a Quebec junior hockey team named the Loups. He was a defenseman, and happily a goon: he was a big kid who threw his body around, and lived for getting into fights. He was proud of his hockey smile, and thought of it as a badge of honor. (His mom and dentist were, of course, less proud.)

He was a nice kid off the ice, though, very good-natured, well-liked, and funny. He had a weird sense of humor: never malicious, but he was the kind of guy who pulled pranks no one really understood, the really labor-intensive, elaborate kind. Who knows what was ever going on in his brain, but it seemed fun in there.

Mike was Luke (CHIEF)'s older cousin, and the two were very close. Luke looked up to him more than anyone else, and Mike had a big hand in shaping Luke into who he is now (for better or worse, maybe). Though Mike was not exactly a scholarly mind, he could teach his younger relatives a clinic on other "skills."

Mike died in an accident in 1988, when he was 20 and Luke was 13.

The two did have one rivalry: Mike was a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, while young Luke rooted for their then-provincial rival, the Quebec Nordiques. After Mike died, and especially after the Nordiques moved to Colorado and became the Avalanche, Luke has had a soft spot for Mike's team in his memory.

Height: 6'2"/188cm Build: Hockey player
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Bleached from black
Handedness: Left Style: Casual, sporty

Mike was, obviously, missing his front two teeth.

His hair was naturally black, with a ridiculous '80s bleach job. If you're drawing him, the style doesn't really matter; he would let it grow for a while before buzzing it and starting over.

It's not in the ref, but he should also be wearing a helmet on the ice.

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