The goon.

gregarious // goofy // delinquent

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006?


Full Name Michael Deer Age 20 Species Human
Nicknames Mike Birthday ??? Gender Male
Prefers Mike Zodiac ??? Pronouns He/Him
Character Group ??? Religion Nonreligious Sexuality Straight
Group Role ??? Background ??? Relationship Status Single
Day Job Hockey player Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???
  • Mike's kind of a spoilery character so this will be vague
  • junior hockey player. pls enjoy his ridiculous playoff bleach job
  • his hair is naturally black. style doesn't really matter; he lets it grow for a while before buzzing it and starting over
  • he's a d-man. big kid who throws his body around, lives for getting into fights. 
  • proud of his hockey smile; thinks it's a badge of honor. his mom and his dentist are less proud
  • nice kid off the ice tho, very good-natured. well-liked
  • weird sense of humor. the kind of guy who pulls pranks no one really understands. the really labor-intensive, elaborate kind
  • idk what's going on in his brain but it seems fun in there
  • not exactly a scholarly mind, but he could teach a clinic on other "skills"
  • probably a bad influence on his younger relatives but what r u gonna do, eh?
Height: 6'2"/188cm Build: Hockey player
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Bleached from black
Handedness: Left Style: Casual, sporty

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