Mysterious photographer, leader of a "terrorist organization."

enigmatic // motivated // anarchic

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Lucas Cournoyer Age 32 Species Human
Graffiti Name CHIEF Birthday September 27, 1974 Gender Male
Prefers Luke Zodiac Libra Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Les Revanchistes Religion nonreligious Sexuality ???
Group Role Leader, photographer Background Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) mom x Québécois dad Relationship Status Single
Day Job "Entrepreneur" Birthplace Kahnawake, Quebec Living Situation In an artists' squat

"You know I never reveal my sources."

- Luke

SAINT, ESCAPE, and CHIEF are a crew of graffiti artists, urban explorers, and "terrrorists" in New York City.

Ira (SAINT) and Theo (ESCAPE) are an infamous pair; CHIEF is their friend and theoretically the leader of the crew, but he does his own thing a lot of the time. CHIEF is the graffiti name of Luke, a French-Canadian photographer and man of mystery. Luke runs an artists' squat alongside fellow old guard punk Kaji, with Bane, Heto, and Lance as their squatmates. He's the sort of underground veteran with his feet and camera lens in a little bit of everything. Often inscrutable and unpredictable even to his friends, he wanders and does whatever interests him to suit his motives. He has a keen mind and a heavy antiestablishment bent, and puts the two together with dangerous frequency. Big brother figure to Heto.

Runs subway tunnels and tags with SAINT/ESCAPE and shoots their adventures, posting the photos on an anonymous blog. As a "day job" he doesn't have the traditional kind, but he's an entrepreneur, constantly hustling, doing things like selling walking tours of the city, selling his ("normal"/innocuous city) photography, and miscellaneous odd jobs. He has a rich knowledge of the city and a deep interest in the subway, history, and abandoned and interesting spaces.

Strong personal conviction and sense of right. Believes the city belongs to the people. Goofier than this description is making him sound, though it's often hard to tell with him.

Black belt in karate and a lover of terrible kung fu movies and spaghetti westerns. Habs fan.

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Workingman (muscle, not trim/toned)
Eyes: Brown Hair: Blue (dyed from black), thick
Handedness: Right Style: Practical, colorful, mis-matched

Luke has brown eyes and naturally black hair, though he's recently dyed it blue alongside Heto and Bane. He's usually wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and boots, and his favorite puffy Mork vest when the weather is cool enough.

When he's underground with Ira and Theo, he wears a fireman's helmet with deer antlers mounted on as part of his "gear", and the silhouette of the shadow it creates often shows up in his subway photography.


Theo (a.k.a. ESCAPE) Good Friend / Partner in Crime

Theo and Ira are close friends of Luke, and his partners in crime in Les Revanchistes. They've known each other for a long time and always watch each other's backs when they run tunnels together. Luke privately thinks Theo is kind of silly and dramatic, but he loves him for it, too.


Ira (a.k.a. SAINT) Good Friend / Partner in Crime

Like Theo, Ira is another member of Les Revanchistes, and an old friend of Luke's. All three are close and would do anything for each other. Luke loves Ira's weirder ideas, and unfortunately for everyone, Luke is always eager to pile on with his worse ones.


Kaji Old Friend / Housemate

Luke and Kaji have known each other for a long time; they've been in the squat longer than the others, and they run it together-- with different leadership styles. Kaji's the Responsible Dad, careful and protective, and Luke's the cool big bro who mostly lets things be unless he needs to tell someone to knock it off. He and Kaji are good friends, though, and always respect each other, no matter their differences in personality.


Heto Little Brother Figure / Housemate

Heto is the youngest member of the squat, a feral teen with too many lawless ideas and too much energy to make them happen. Luke's the same, just older; and of course he's thrilled to have a little delinquent protégé to take under his wing. Heto adores him and is always interested in whatever Luke's doing. Luke's more responsible than he looks, though, and for the most part he tries to keep Heto away from Les Revanchistes' most dangerous activities.


Bane Housemate

Bane is another young member of the squat, and Heto's friend. Luke tends to join in with Heto in teasing him, but he truly cares for him, too.


Lance Housemate

Lance is the final member of the squat, the jack of all trades. Luke gets along well with him, but isn't close, personal friends.


Mike Cousin

Mike was Luke's older cousin, who died when Luke was 13. They were very close, and Mike was a big influence on who Luke grew up to be.

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