Alvicalvi Shell



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Name Alvicalvi Shell

Pronouns he/him

Age 199

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Mortal

Homeland Palorme Ocean

Location Beyt Ocean


Maybe someone with a more quiet personality would call Alvicalvi obnoxious or boisterous, but he'd prefer the descriptors 'outspoken' and 'blunt'. Fiercely protective of his colony - to a degree that even his fellows can sometimes be startled by - Alvicalvi is usually in charge of Shell's military conquests and territory expansions. Even though he's been busy, locked brutally in a skirmish with Abyssal, he still has time to pester his peers about their work.


Born at sea, Alvicalvi has always called Shell's oceanic territory home. In fact, he's so uncomfortable on land that he'll linger on the ships as long as possible, despite his fellow Fleetmasters encouraging him to come smell the roses. From a young age, he pursued the title of Fleetmaster with diligence and ambition, charging up the ranks of external management until he hit a brick wall with the current Head of Raids - who was unwilling to give up their position to a little upstart. Their protests died when Alvicalvi dueled them for the position, won, and then later was promoted to one of the Fleetmasters.