Basic Info

Series / Story

Id Pariah

Full Name

Vitesse Victoria Vidal







Id Control

Soulbound, Elemental, Full Form

Id Type


Id Form

Gazelle (loosely based on the Thomson's gazelle)


Bio: A cheery sports star with a heart of gold and incredibly volatile powers. Practically a walking battery most of the time, Tess's chipper nature isn't always by choice, though it is in stark contrast to her family's cold and domineering attitude. The Vidal family is solely focused on victory; no matter the kind, no matter the cost, and keeps a firm hold on their massive wealth.

If her energy is not contained, Tess could be consumed by it entirely and disappear in as little time as a lightning strike. This nearly happened when she was first born, and while the doctors were able to save her in time, the expulsion of electricity killed her mother instead. Tess's middle name, Victoria, is to honour her mother's loss, though it is also an eternal reminder. Her remaining family does much to ensure that she continues to shoulder the blame for Victoria's death, and pushed Tess into her racing career as "reimbursement".

Despite this, Tess's outgoing and energetic nature lends itself well to the sport celebrity lifestyle, and while she genuinely does enjoy racing, it is one of the only things in her life that she has any modicum of control over, even her own energy. Her racing serves a dual purpose in helping her expend some of her potentially fatal energy buildup safely, though she frequently has to release it or channel it in other ways.

Though her family has tried many times to influence her branding, sponsors, self-image and even her name to match their desires, Tess found a way to push back and do it her way. In her words, "if you're going to use me as a poster child, I at least get to decide how you do it". She is not a Vidal as far as the sports world is concerned, she is simply "Tess". She races with her rollerblades and short bursts of her electricity against those with the same energy type, or while riding her cheetah familiar Jag (short for Jagged Lightning) depending on the event.

Name Etymology:
Vitesse - French word for speed or velocity
Victoria - English name meaning "victory" or "conqueror"
Vidal - Spanish form of Vitalis, meaning "of life" or "vital", also derived from the French word vital(e) meaning "vital" (one's pulse/energy) or "vital" (as in essential or critical)