TTW Mochi (Demon!Mochi)



2 years, 1 month ago


Name ???

Age ???

Alias "Mochi"

DoB ???

Gender Male

Alignment Evil

Orientation ???

Personality Suave

Origin ???

Species Demon

Residence ???

NOTE: these notes are outdated, ill update this profile with proper info soon!!! maybe;;;

scribbles notes in here ill write it good later

- mochi is normally v good, has powerful goodness aura that protects from Corruption Possession Etc

- except other than the goodness aura he has no other natural protection against possession

- so if he starts trending towards evil things too much, like, for example, taking part in a war...

- this guy shows up!! hes /very/ interested in trying to work out how that goodness aura works, to try and work out how to make an evil version

- offers Power in exchange for borrowing use of Mochi’s body via possession

- not much known about this demon except that he possesses mochi and is v charismatic and sinister

- much more confident than mochi, also tends to act and dress more formally

- also something something doesnt seem to understand goodness and kindness and can easily be thrown off by it

- trying to recruit people and gain power for an unknown cause

- but might be starting to warm up to this place and the people here...?

- unfortunately him being around takes a big toll on mochi's health

- as well as giving mochi the demon's weaknesses to bright colours + light

- and also probably like... holy water

- (mochi being mochi, probably wants to try and get the demon his Own Vessel as opposed to like.... getting rid of him

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