[WIP] Islette Paradisa



Islette Paradisa

Basics:She/her pronouns. Age 22. Born August 9th.
Obtained:April 23rd, 2017

A Dainty who was raised to seduce and manipulate. Her mother wasn't the best role model, teaching her that her worth as a person was based on how much others envy her and that it's just not possible to be happy without a host to leech off of. Because of this, Islette grew up completely oriented on finding the perfect host: someone intelligent, strong, and wealthy. After failing to find anyone who met her lofty standards on her home planet, she went off to Hell College in hopes of finding someone there. She currently has her eyes on professor Jing Hong, who she got the attention of by pretending to be defenseless and desperate. Jing took her in, but is absolutely oblivious to her advances and treats her more kindly than she was anticipating. In fact, he's giving her a lot of self-worth, independence, and a sense of identity...

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