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16th of November, 15.C.784.
Physical Age
23 years; young adult
Actual Age
45 years
Livian Demon
Northerner pureblood
Mainlander, Kestanian
Bisexual (thinks he's straight)

Guild mercenary
Personal bodyguard of Tanu Altari

Languages spoken

Nordic - Native
Draconic - Partial native, fluent
Mavo - Basic

Guild - Full fledged member
Born without a tail

  • A is a Guild mercenary who started out in the navy but ended up going to the mainlands instead to finish his training.

  • He's friends with Garry and Wes, the latter an old friend from the navy when their friend group was much larger, but lately the three have been separate more often than not and they've been drifting apart. With Wes going off to fight an honourable war and Garry choosing to teach instead of work together, A has felt a bit left behind.

  • Before he was transferred from the navy to the mainland, his plan was to stay there. Wes managed to convince him not to leave behind their friend group, so he ended up following them to the mainland after all. His goal is to one day return to the navy as he has a wish to find a permanent job on a ship, but doesn't have much interest working on any war-related ships.

  • These days he works for the Altari family, a family of great political prowess, hoping to get their approval and request a transfer as a favour. He works as the bodyguard for the sheltered youngest son, Tanu Altari. In his usual fashion, being just a bodyguard didn't cut it and he managed to befriend the man.

  • He goes by an initial because he finds A a nice letter, and a nicer word than his real name. He says it's worth more as a name he personally chose. In the same vein, he's not keen on talking about his life before the Guild, choosing to leave its mundane boredom fully behind him to embrace his new self.

  • Quite the Guild loyalist who is very into the anti-slavery and anti-magic aspect of the Guild. He's almost prepared to die for his Guild. Almost.

  • He's a cheerful and friendly guy who tends to stand central in friend groups and lift up everyone's mood just a little, even if it still shows that he had to learn to overcome his fear of talking to people when he first joined the Guild. He's not very good at hiding emotions and adjusting his language to be more subtle, and it's especially noticeable when he's nervous or disheartened. To contradict his central position, he prefers to stay out of the spotlight and has serious performance anxieties in groups.

  • An absolute jock, and despite his height still a powerhouse. He loves running and swimming and is a very agile combatant. Known to drag Garry along to fun exercise time against the latter's will.

  • His weapon specialty is a single mace, which is a useful weapon to incapacitate without killing from his height. Like all other Guild members, he's also proficient with knives and a sword. Can't use ranged and heavier weapons to save his life.

  • He yearns for a life of normalcy and prosperity. He's not going to get either of those anytime soon.



A is a small and buff man, standing 153cm or 5 feet tall and weighing 55kg or 121lbs. He has light brown eyes and two grey-white long and thick horns that slightly tilt backwards near the top. His skin colour is a vibrant and mid dark shade of red. He has large brown eyes and a rather young looking face, with a thin chin, meagerly defined cheekbones, a fine jawline, and an average sized nose with a defined and thin bridge.

His body's athletic from regular training that's been kept up for years. His shoulders, chest, and arms are his strongest points, with his waist and legs being slightly weaker but still maintained. He has slightly broader shoulders than most people of his height, but most of his muscle stays compact and doesn't buff him up all that much. He has several scars on his arms and face from being bitten by animals and training. He has a couple of light birthmarks over his chest and belly and lacks a tail.

His hair's long and wavy at a waist length, starting off as brown and naturally turning black towards the tips. It is usually worn in a braid or bound in a low ponytail, but it's loose in his free time where the weather won't mess it up or blow it in his face. He always has his hair bound in one way or another for combat, events, and going outside, and for combat it's nearly always in a braid and tucked away under his armour to prevent being grabbed or getting loose.


His everyday clothes are loose but neat. He wears a cream shirt with a brown vest over it and two dark grey bracers around the wrists. He wears long brown trousers with a brown belt holder, a light brown belt with a golden buckle with the Guild's insignia over his vest, and short brown leather boots. When on missions or patrol, he wears the Guild outfit with an extended neck collar in the back.

From left to right: day to day outfit, Guild outfit, sporting/workout outfit, body reference. Note that he as a tendency to put his braid beneath his clothes as to avoid getting grabbed in combat, but regularly forgets to stuff it inside his collar anyway.


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