Annie May



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The latest in the bloodline of an infamous assassin, the Nightingale.
But instead of inheriting the mantle she stays in her room and plays competitive video games. Or at least tries to.

The youngest child of two to Charlotte, Annie was never in line to be the Nightingale. And she was fine with that! With a loving family and incredibly rich income, she was able to relax at home and do whatever she enjoyed, and she enjoyed video games. Killing in real life was difficult, but killing in the virtual world? Sign her up. She loved it, she adored it, she wanted a career in it! She looked to speedrunning video games, spending most of her time finding glitches to exploit and trying to race against Lady Luck herself. Of course, there were times when Annie would try her hand at competitive gaming to earn a few quick bucks. She was never totally bad at it... but she wasn't the best either. However, she was a sore loser, and anytime she claimed she lost "unfairly" she would send her brother to literally get rid of the competition. Growing up in a house of assassins makes you think that killing isn't the worst crime out there, and it helps her brother get more experience and a chance to try out new catch phrases!
No, she's just a sweet woman that's supporting the family business.

Notes: Is that another girl character?!? KEK, Annie, like most of my characters, nearly never came to be. I toyed with the idea because I definitely loved the next generations of my current characters, but there were a few problems that hindered it, like her brother. Fortunately someone helped out with designing him, and these two assassin gremlins will definitely make their family proud.


Name: Annie May Demos

Nicknames: Ann

Age: 19

Birthday: December 9

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Hair/Eye Color: Dark blue/Blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 138 Ibs

Occupation: Speedrunner/Livestreamer

Personality: Annie is a dorky gremlin with low tolerance. She loves to spend time to herself (unless her brother is around) and if she is talking to anyone, be it online or in person, she tends to have a matter-of-fact tone. A proud person, she doesn't like admitting to her faults and will most likely try to backtrack to get herself out of hot water, but she'll go right back to being a brat once things are normal again. She's stubborn and doesn't like trying new things unless it's anime.
All in all, she's a spoiled brat that lives in her mother's basement.

Drawing Details: Sometimes she dresses in simple outfits like jeans and a cardigan with her hair either down or up in a ponytail. Glasses are optional. Other times she's dressed in black leather pants with fire designs on them, fingerless gloves, and a nice fedora to match. She prefers this but is often forced to dress "normally". Whatever that means.

Fun/Extra Facts:

- Has a fedora collection.

- Loves anime more than anything.

- Also loves Cheeto Puffs.

- Admires Guy Fieri.

- Having grown up with the Nightingale household, she doesn't see how truly bad assassinations are.

- Being a weeb, she called her brother Aniki and the nickname stuck.

- Where her brother handles the assassinations, she's inherited the hacking techniques of her family.

- Roots for her brother when he's out on missions.

- Studying only basics in college right now. Trying to insist to her parents that she should go to Japan and go to a school that will let her major in gaming.

- Owns all consoles.

- If she loses it's because of lag, not her. Or her team was throwing.

- Sometimes uses her hacking skills to win. Only sometimes!

- Knows Nicolas since they're both active in anime sites. Her streams don't get as nearly as popular as his, although she does have a respectable amount of viewers.

- Her grandfather is indeed confused and slightly disappointed.