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Basic Info


Oracy (Derived from the Greek " Όραση " meaning vision)




Chimera ( Snake-Lion-Goat)


Cold as snow, hot like an oven

Most used quote

"I'm not a demon"

Relationship with Isaiah

Oracy is /taller/ than Isaiah, the mage is 1.65 (5'5") while Oracy is 1.80 (5'11") || Isaiah pesters Oracy to obey him, but the chimera is both lazy and uninterested most of the time. Isaiah is too dense to actually be afraid of him, and Oracy cannot kill him (even if he would love to) because he needs him to get back to his dimension.


You can choose to draw him either saturated or not, depending on your style uv u
He's a chimera, the interior of his mouth looks a little like a carnivores (lion) while his skin is really pale (almost white) and his mannerisms remind more of a reptile (snake). His horns are actually goat horns

→He uses either the snake or lion puppet to speak, and his lips don't move when speaking from the puppets.
→Has two different personalities depending on which puppet he's using to speak, the snake being completely emotionless and cold, while the lion overagressive. When in lion "side" the white part of his eyeballs turns black and his eyes glow
→His eyes are indeed multicolored Red/Yellow/Blue
→Always speaks through the snake puppet unless driven into a corner or being really pissed and taunted
→Mr lion shouts/glowls most of the time
→Looks around 23 years old in age
→Height is 5'11 / 1.80m

→When he needs to use his hands he hangs the puppet(s) on his horns