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"Elli" ✦ Ageless ✦ Genderless



Eleven does not ponder, not talk about their early life, because in fact, it's the story of a different person. A human who questioned the divine, bringing it onto trial for the lack of justice. Doubting was their sin, and so they pay the price by sharing the nature of those who treated them unfairly. Not a god or an angel, a demon or a deity of any kind, but also far beyond human, their form tangligh from a thin thread. The ocean being the only thing to mortalize them, they have formed a bond of respect, fear and adoration. They love canines, and so they spend their days far away from the city, in a small forest about half a kilometer from the sea. With them live what would one all children, cracking their soltidude. They would do anything for them, even if the do not express it otherwise. Sometimes, you can see the figure of a bunny alongside them.


Eleven stands at 1.71, slim, with neutral curves. Their skin is almost white, and has a pearly shine. A third eye is visible on their forehead, almost shining in a saturated cyan. The eyeball itself isn't exactly visible, mostly looking as if it's slightly protuding instead of having an eye socket. There is a natural red tint under and around their eyes, and on their lips. A crown of three various appearances floats constantly over their head depending on how many of their eyes are open, meaning which world they see. They can be very often seen floating instead of walking. Their nails are naturally coloured black, but sometimes they dye them red, or blue. When they get angry, their arms and legs start to turn black, starting from their fingers on. However, they usually contain themselves. When they get surprised, their actual form shows in a different manner, by the white part of their hair turning into wings, that are fully controllable.


"Beauty is the essence of all, time is their enemy"

  • Nature
  • Dogs
  • Silence
  • Fruit
  • Butterflies
  • Insomnia
  • Force Travelling
  • Olives
  • Talking
  • Cooking


They see Anna as a sister, and are extremely protective over her. They're quick to give in when there's anything she wants, and would never bear to be angry at her. Anna is the only person they're directly affectionate with besides the dogs. She and the other two are also the only people they like cooking for.


Eleven views Keo as the "toddler"of the house together with Nya. Besides rolling their eyes to most of the things Keo does, they are also quite protective over them, even if they don't show affection directly. They enjoy the goods Keo brings back home from the bakery a lot though, and they usually put a smile on their face.


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ARTIST guide ♦

  • Any monochrome outfit works.
  • The shirt spells "WRONG
                      choices you regret last"
  • The crown is part of the character. It is floating above their head, and changes shape to a thorned crown or an actual crown ring besides the one showed.
  • Their necklace is an egyptian name tag (the first one). The symbols are as shown here.
  • When they close their "real" two eyes they see the world in extremely high colour saturation. (The crown is the real "ring" above the center of their head, covering the radius) Example
  • When the third eye is closed, the world is monochrome. (The crown is thorned and looks more like a halo. It is also the width of their head) Example
  • When all eyes are open, they see normaly. (The crown is as in the references) Example
  • The third eye should always be open unless i specify.
  • They rarely ever smile or show any emotion really so it would be prefered to not draw them as such. Usual expressions range from a neutral expression, a bored and tired one, a soft frown.