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SpeciesFox-monkey mix


Gender Male


KingdomUnaffiliated | Treasonous

Mihr is a drunken hermit that has no true excuse for hiding away in the forest like he does. He's a self-appointed guardian of the wood, but... He's not even a guardian. And if he were considered to be such, he'd be doing such a poor job at it, day-in and out.
Fortunately for his cover-up among the Kingdoms of Steele, he sells it with the 'chosen markings' along his body. In truth, some of the markings are natural (all the ones that basically aren't religious signifiers)- something that isn't too common in its own right- but every dawn he wakes up to apply sticky, fast drying body paint to appear that much more special. Mixed in with his desire to hide away from humanity, most people give Mihr leeway in supposedly wanting to keep himself safe, to avoid harassment for his looks.

He will never say no to a visitor in his neck of the woods, despite his self-imposed exile. For certain, Mihr is prone to talking an ear or two off.

He never wants to be seen by members of his village, so he can't risk it to venture back into civilization on the whole. He has no idea how to work around the deep woods he's managed to make a home out of, and get far enough out to avoid ever running into his family and 'friends'...
So for now, he charts his territory while hunting and scavenging, finding strangers and fellow lost passers-by, getting his dosage of life few and far between.

It should also be mentioned that he's been hidden for so long he has no idea about the ongoing wars in Steele. Every time government officials pop by his neck of the woods, they don't stay for long, even if they have many questions to ask the drunk 'guardian hermit'-- it's far too dangerous to stay for long if you're unprepared, and have no shelter past evening.

-His home is a cottage that resides in a hallowed out redwood-like tree.
-Mihr is completely fine with holding conversations with 'non-sentient' creatures that clearly cannot hold conversation in return with him. ...He's also used to having a 'talking partner' walk off on him mid-sentences. lol
-Ran away into the wood at a young age for several familial reasons he rarely thinks about anymore-- those were a good century ago, but considering his family has the same lifespan as him, he cannot risk running into them whatsoever.
The Kingdom he used to reside in was Noohravh.
-If he'd plot and cut through to the southeast end of his current home's location, it would only take him two years to make his way into lands that his family could not follow and find him to. However, the path out of the wood could prove fatal far too easily for it to be a feasible task for him.

"Hey, hey... Come keep this ol' hermit company... Lemme-- lemme tell'ya'shtory."