Zeus Cloudbank



this profile is old! some of the info may be outdated or inaccurate.

Zeus Cloudbank

the unwilling scion

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  • Name: Zeus Etretia Cloudbank
  • Species: ???
  • Ethnicity: ???
  • Birthday: February 7
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Trans male
  • Pronouns: He / him
  • Orientation: (He has no fucking clue.)
  • Profession(s):
    • Heir to the Cloudbank fortune
    • Ticket seller at a movie theatre


  • Skin: Medium brown with pronounced cool undertones
  • Hair: Platinum blonde (w/ lime green streaks)
  • Fur: Harvest gold
  • Eyes: Pale sky blue (left); pale golden yellow (right)
  • Tentacles: Platinum blonde
  • Height: 5' 7" / 170 cm (from top of his head)
  • Build: Athletic, slim and muscular
  • Other Characteristics:
    • Perpetual bags under his eyes
    • Has indigo blood


  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (bordering on Chaotic Neutral)
  • Enneagram: 5w4 (w/ sexual variant)
  • Jung / MBTI: INTJ
  • Temperament: Melancholic / Choleric
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Positive Traits: Crafty, empathetic, freethinking, individualistic, observant
  • Neutral Traits: Asocial, eccentric, intelligent, soft-spoken, stubborn
  • Negative Traits: Apathetic, melancholic, sarcastic, temperamental


At first glance, Zeus is a moody weirdo loner with a chip on his shoulder, and most folks that know him give him his space. His softer, nerdy side shows through, though, if you stick by him long enough. He knows a little bit about everything, and if you ask him about the right thing his mouth takes off like a rocket. He says he has little sympathy for other people's problems, but finds himself helping or giving advice anyway.




  • Illusions — Zeus has little practice with illusions, but he can throw his voice and do other auditory tricks.
  • Pyrokinesis — His favorite ability to work on. He hopes to one day refine his fire into lightning.
  • Transformation — Zeus has three main forms – a human form, a fox form with tentacles for tails, and a rarely-used octopus form, and he can tweak his humanoid form to his liking. Technically, Zeus still isn't in his "true" form when he's humanoid, as it's not his born-with appearance, but he's stuck with it for so long it's become his default look.


  • Smartphone — A standard smartphone with black-and-green checkerboard case. Has his favorite music and ASMR files on it. Increases intelligence and magic.


The wayward child of a prestigious family with a long, rich legacy, Zeus booked it from his hometown after college thoroughly kicked his ass and his family's controlling ways became too much for him. Once considered a gifted kid with lots of promise, his hoity-toity relatives have labeled him the black sheep of the family, and see-saw between trying to buy him back into the fold and wanting nothing to do with him. Zeus likes it waaaaay better when they do the latter, and lives a far more modest life working the ticket booth at a small town movie theatre.


  • Kana Averi — Best friend(?). Zeus still doesn't know how a sweet, bubbly girl got attached to a brooding hermit like him, but he'll take what he can get.
  • Jacqui Sparks — Partner-in-crime. Pyromaniac asshole friends that share a braincell whenever they're together. Zeus sometimes accompanies them on their urban explorations.



  • Book(s): Magic texts, chick-lits
  • Drink(s): Grape-flavored Gatorade
  • Food(s): Fried chicken
  • Fashion Style: Emo, punk, just-rolled-out-of-bed
  • Movies / TV: Chick flicks, action / adventure
  • Music: Lo-fi
  • Hobbies: Spellcasting, composing music
  • Interests: Hypnosis ASMR, speedrunning
  • Other Likes: Cats, stim videos
  • Dislikes: Being restricted, opening up to people


  • Animal: Snowy owl
  • Colors: Lime green, black, golden yellow
  • Elements: Fire, Air, Light
  • Flower / Plant: Anemone
  • Mineral: Howlite
  • Playing Card: Five of Spades
  • Scents: Pine, popcorn
  • Sin | Virtue: Sloth | Kindness

Other Tidbits

  • He suffers from insomnia, and listens to hypnosis ASMR to help knock himself out.
  • Zeus was considered a gifted kid all throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Failing at college was a massive blow to his self-esteem.
  • Zeus is a triplet. His sisters were born 10 and 6 minutes before him.
  • He used to play soccer and trained extensively to keep himself in shape. After he moved away from his parents, he's let all but the most basic exercises go.
  • Zeus never learned how to cook, and lives almost solely off of fast food.
  • If it wasn't for going back and forth to his job, Zeus would be a full-blown hermit.
  • He ojou laughs. He does the hand pose and everything.