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As the integral spiral structure, Vodovorot is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Spirals exists because Vodo exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Intelligent, observant, peppy, enthusiastic, manipulative. All words to describe Vodo: a self-assured and self-confident Mag, but only in the fact that he's nothing more than an object to be used to better the people around him, to help push them towards their ideal selves and move on past traumas. It might sound depressing, but the nitty-gritty doesn't really cross Vodo's mind all that often.

Though he harbors the mind of Bereave - destroyer of Timelines, one of the primordial deities, left bodiless after Vodo's peers killed him - and is plagued by the other's constant, intrusive, negative thoughts and disparaging, Vodo brushes him off with ease. Instead, he perpetuates that he can redeem Bereave of his past wrongdoings, and sings the praises of the world, awash in idealism and love for everything and everyone. His goals are to befriend anyone he can find, and his tolerance for bullshit is immense. 

As such, Vodo is commonly found around the other Mags - especially the likes of Farley, Juice, and Devy, eager to help them all move past their mental blocks and struggles. Existing, after all, is an incredible experience - one that shouldn't be marred by cruelty or damage that one might temporarily suffer through!

Underneath all the cheer and facade, though - there's nothing. Vodo's sense of self is incredibly fragile, only secure in its relation to other people - and when alone, he starts to pull apart at the seams. Feeling useless, abandoned, and listless without other people to tie himself to, he wages that his existence might only matter so long as someone out there finds worth in him, unable to self-generate any true confidence.

Biographic Information

Name Vodovorot

NicknamesVodo, Vods (?)


Height smol

BirthdayAmaridan, please!



Occupation emotional support animal

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity spirals

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Tragelaphini

AlignmentChaotic Good

Primary Theme ♬Hounds of Bairro

Secondary Theme ♬Footy

Upbeat, energetic, but without being exhausting. Doles out compliments and cheer like candy, waxes poetic about the silver linings of even the worst situations. Thankfully, most of the time the optimism is infectious. Talks deliberately silly-sounding to lighten the mood or to make himself appear nonthreatening. Tunes these traits up or down depending on the situation: observant and aware of social cues and formalities.

Exalts and encourages self-satisfaction, self-love, self-improvement, happiness, confidence, idealism, and love; these are the ideals he tries to help people grow towards. Arrogance upsets him, but not as much as selfishness - which he finds personally repulsive, though you'd never hear him saying it. 

Sees the world as a genuinely wonderful, beautiful place, to be admired and awed, but doesn't ignore its flaws or atrocities. Happy to chip away at the great problem of solving suffering, though he figures individual growth is a huge aspect of it. Doesn't think any of the other Mags have a great solution yet. Certainly not naive or seeing through rose tints, but can come off as such, since he rarely discusses how he feels about the negatives.

Legitimately has never been angry or agitated in his life. When his buttons are pressed, Vodo withdraws into himself, becomes quiet, and self-isolates rather than lash out at others. He knows they're just hurting in some way, and there's no point in shaming them for it.

Always planning, always calculating, always playing the long game. Genuinely a genius in many respects, though it's hard to get that impression of him. Loves both the puzzle of handling every social situation, and people's reactions when he hits the nail on its head. 

No actual perception of self. At best, sees himself as a robot or a tool, to be used.

Spoilers for Keep A Secret & House of Liars are present in this section.

placeholder, primarily, but here's the lowdown:

  • at the end of KAS (WEEWOO SPOILERS), Morning Star, Jubilee, Sundae, Sterling, and Rendgen all got together to kill our boy the bastard Bereave
  • Vodovorot was born from half of the corpse of Bereave, using up what little creation magic (as everything requires a mixture of creation/destruction magic to survive).
  • Because Bereave's consciousness is intrinsically linked to the world, his mind manifested in Vodo's body. Bereave is aware of what happened and aware he's alive, and then realizes in horror he's stuck in this rando's body.
  • He tries goading Vodo into suicide and shit basically as soon as he wakes up.
  • Vodo instantly 658230487067918346.png?v=1 and is like. I suppose that is bullshit!
  • all the other mags are miserable and traumatized oh no. he needs to help them
  • him and farley end up being friends :)
  • finds out quantum exists like :0 omg 
  • vodo teams up with the crew (farley, quantum) and accidentally helps make devy because he wanted quantum to feel safe & comfortable even if they'd be punished for it
  • there's not that much more "backstory". he's kind of baby

Check out the Links section for in-character thoughts!

Farley     (partner, priority)
Farley is Vodo's closest friend, confidante, and on-off partner. He wants to see Farley learn to combat his anxiety better, but knows that it's a very long uphill climb. Farley takes a lot of solace in their relationship. Does Vodo? Well, sort of - he figured he had romantic feelings for Farley until he actually caught them for Juice. Oops....


Linija     (best friend, leader)
Linija is the unofficial (official?) leader of the "Line Crew", which Vodo was indoctrinated into. He's fine with that, as he ultimately greatly respects Linija's word and opinions, even if he disagrees with large swaths of it (death? wars? violence? No thanks!). Plus, Linija takes Vodo with him on "work" trips. Which is fun and awesome.


Bereave     (hm)
The voice inside his head telling him he's awful. That's okay, though - Vodo can take it, and even better, can try to help Bereave become a better person through sheer force of effort! Vodo understands why he's so resentful and frustrated, but he just needs time to let himself be vulnerable and flourish in a safe environment.


Juice     (very close friend, crush?)
Perceptive enough to pick up on Juice's persona, their dynamic has had room to flourish and has evolved to encompass a role of mutual advisor... or something more? Vodo's a little too grounded to do feral stuff, but Juice is the first person he's truly related to on many levels and it is... a little strange, if he's honest. But not in a bad way.


Zmeya     (complex feels, protective)
Zmeya, like Vodo, also has someone in his head - Genesis. Vodo can't blame Zmeya for being distant and sometimes lashing out at Vodo, and knows he can't do much, but it goes so against his fundamentals and goals it feels alien to say he can't help Zmeya. Still, he tries to keep an open line of communication as much as he can. 


Rendgen     (friend, though not close)
Another member of the "line crew", and also the primary reason Vodo exists (thank you!). Though Vodo is grateful, he's more concerned about Ren's obsession with Jubilee and his lack of focus. Ren, however, thinks Vodo is FANTASTIC, LOOK AT VODO, which kind of makes him feel giddy? Which is such a strange, weird emotion!


Proximity     (friend, though... :( distant? )
Prox doesn't seem to like Vodo very much, and he can't quite place why. Bereave, at least, is very vocal about the faults he finds with Vodo - but Prox just finds a polite excuse to leave. While that doesn't deter Vodo from trying to befriend him, it does befuddle him, and he can't help but wonder if he needs to give Prox more or less space?


Quantum     (friend, even if he's mean)
Vodo knows Quantum thinks he's stupid, but that's fine. Everyone is entitled to think of him as they will, and since Quantum isn't cruel enough to bully him for it, it's all good in his books. He's been on-off trying to help Quantum move past his trauma and forgive Juice, but it's very slow goings, understandably - there's lots to unpack.


Devetougao     (friend, despite his jokes)
Devy is more high-energy than him, though Vodo tries to match it the best he can. The cruel jokes Devy plays are a bit too much for Vodo's tastes, and he does tend to drop hangout sessions when Devy revs them up. But... Vodo is glad Devy wasn't saddled with Bereave. In a way, he's okay with who Devy is without Bereave, even if he's mean.


Peresekat     (friend, working on it)
Pere very much loves Vodo, and is highly vocal about expressing it. Vodo in turn showers the other in affection and compliments - of course, though he's quietly planning to turn around Pere's general apathy and nonchalance. It's just not good to go through life not caring about much - it's much better to be passionate about things!


Jedanaestougao     (friend, #relatable)
Vodo respects Jedana for what he does and his position to Zmeya, but they're usually so busy wrangling others they don't see each other often. When they are together, they have little to talk about other than other people, so conversations tend to peeter out. Still, he's a nice man, and Vodo is very satisfied with him and his goals.


Affine     (friend, oh no)
Vodo wants Affine to be happy - obviously. Though he knows Affine is lonely, and confused, and hurt, and needs guidance. He always tries to offer, even when Affine turns him away or ignores him. And that's ok. In time, Affine might want to take him up. And Vodo will keep reaching out to him, even if it takes millennia.


Ellipsa     (friend, the normie)
Ellipsa is normal. Normal enough that Vodo struggles to find anything wrong with him that isn't just nitpicks or personal opinion. Which means they can have an actual normal friendship instead of Vodo trying to psychoanalyze him to give covert therapy, even if that's really weird and hard for Vodo to adjust to. Yay, friendship!


Zvezda     (friend, for fun things)
Though Zvezda is considered to be a concerning pile of mistakes by the older Mags, Vodo doesn't see much wrong with him. Zvezda is much happier not knowing about the world, and though he doesn't approve of the Mags consciously enforcing that, he doesn't try to change it - Zvezda's happiness matters most, in his mind.


Kvadrat     (friend, let's work through that)
Kva is kind, but has a masochistic streak a mile long. And either doesn't realize he has it, or is an expert at avoiding talking about it. Vodo knows handling that one will take quite more finesse and subject-dancing than he usually employs. He's confident in his abilities, though, and looks forward to Kva feeling secure.


Strela     (friend, express yourself!)
Strela has a crush on Vodo, as he does most Mags. Vodo is kind to him - though he doesn't have romantic interest (and has clarified that), he's still affectionate and complimentary. No reason not to be, really. He'd like to help Strela with his self-esteem, too, but there's bigger fish at the moment... which is an awful thing to think, isn't it?


Srce     (friend, it's not all your fault!)
Though he showers Vodo in affection, admiration, and love, Srce has a lot of self-worth problems that Vodo is trying to deal with. Like with most of his stubborn peers, it's very hard to find even a little ground. The random bouts of overprotectiveness are worrying, yes, but there's no reason to absolutely berate oneself over it, come now! 


Dijamant     (friend, what's wrong?)
Dij. Dij. Dij's persona is strong, though there's enough tiny cracks in it that Vodo knows there's something off about the other. But he's so condescending about it that it's hard to get him to take anything seriously. Still, Kolo at least seems to help him? And there's at least that, that Vodo can take solace in. He hopes he's happy with Kolo.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Spirals, rhythms, futures, potentials
Change, growth, influence, honesty
Repetition, collapse, facades, deceit

Power: to break cycles

Tarot Card: King of Cups

Timeline: -

Name Origins

"Vodovorot" comes from водоворот, which means "whirlpool/swirl" in Russian.

In Fights

Why would you fight Vodo? You monster

Living Spaces

People love giving Vodo gifts, because he's so sweet about receiving them and grateful, and never throws them away, and oh god his house is full of random sentimental junk he can't feel right getting rid of. It's not hoarders-level, it's fairly tidy, but it's still obviously random stuff that he isn't genuinely interested in besides the fact that someone was thinking of him.

Enjoys entertaining guests in his many, many drawing rooms. Most of them are themed after different concepts, time periods, or aesthetics, in an effort to be as pleasing to anyone who'd stop by. Enjoys vinyl players, and putting on tunes for people. House lacks a master bedroom - only guests.

Public Perception

Beloved and adored by the Mags; he's their sweet baby. Opinion is deeply respected and taken very seriously, though he's not the knee-jerk response to "who do you go to for advice?". Mostly found around the younger group of Mags, though he very distinctly makes time for the elders as well.

Totally unknown as a Mag outside of them, even to Mag researchers - though they're starting to have suspicions about Farley's new COR friend.

Self Perception

Wow, I just love helping people! I love being useful! I love existing! Yay! I think.

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
green, Farley

Favorite Weather
cold summer days

Favorite Food(s)
whatever you like!

  • 27002302_RW6fXQsHz0oc2Bw.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sweet
    • Ambidextrous
  • Hobbies
    • Sports, surprisingly. Very good sportsmanship, also very great for training with - makes a fantastic coach. Best at winter sports, like snowboarding and skiing, though he enjoys a good tennis match. He'll throw a game or two to make the other player feel better, too.
    • Secretly a purveyor of music, especially vinyls, but he's not very forthcoming about his collection or interests. Can play the recorder decently.
    • Reading historical accounts to find more ridiculously fat words to misuse in regular discussion.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: good at perception & emotion-altering magic and bringing things to life/death. Magic is associated with rhythms, histories, futures, possibilities, heroics, cycles, larvae, metamorphosis, farces, exteriors, sequences, influences, charisma, honesty, pledges, and succession.
    • Music: one of the few things he feels he "has" in regards to an identity. Refuses to tell anyone out of fear of losing it.
    • Stories: no time for books when he has socializing to do! Will read anything you recommend to him, though, and listen to your rants on it.
    • Food: no interest in food itself, but is totally fine with eating with you if you ask him to! 
    • Partners: won't admit it, but would like someone he sees as having the same problems as he does (hack cough Juice). Wants to feel as understood as he makes others feel, though he isn't aware of that and can't articulate it.
    • Traits: suave, charming, empathetic, dissociative, aloof, distant
    • Dates: whatever you want to do! Except he offers so you don't have to bug him about feeling invested in the relationship.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: caterpillars. Especially fluffy ones.
    • Drink: he'd really rather go without, if that's okay.
    • Sweet: mostly likes baking for others. Likes making pretzels.
    • Season: Summer, primarily.
    • Chore: he will handle maintenance around the house and administrative tasks, like organizing the birth certificates and fielding phone calls and budgets. Willing to do anything you ask of him unless you're being lazy.
  • Misc
    • Good natural skill in picking up most hobbies, and doesn't tend to brag about it, either. Usually downplays his achievements, but doesn't come off as humblebragging. Prefers more to talk about others' skills, regardless.
    • A fan of very long baths, with rose petals and candles. It's a small indulgence that he doesn't get often, and a good environment to listen to albums in.
    • One of the least experimental with his form of the Mags; feels uncomfortable when changing any aspect of it. Only ever tweaks clothes, feels awkward if it's brought up. 
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Lantern Mice
      • Slugcat: Monk
      • Karma: 10th10th.png& 2ndKarma_-_Edited.png
      • Achievement: The Saint
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Steel/Fire
      • Moveset: Helping Hand, Wish, Celebrate, Follow Me
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Metastasis, Joker, Growth, Mimic, Summoner

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