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SpeciesHuman?  Dragon?


Sovereign of the Ashlands.  Little is known about Ezra's origins--if asked they'll tell you that they spawned fully formed from a pit of lava, and that's likely not the oddest thing they'll say to you with complete seriousness.  They don't have memories from beyond a few years prior, but they're busy enough aspiring to godhood(which they vehemently claim is their destiny) that it's pretty low on the list of things they worry about.

They also happen to be a completely, ridiculously OP witch, and have convinced more than one person that they actually are a god(a cult has sprouted around them).  They happily provide protection for their followers, which is a big attraction for witches seeking refuge from the Angstomi government. Even those who think Ezra is a lunatic will play the part of worshiper to be in the favor of someone who wards off military attempts to capture/kill them by triggering volcanic eruptions.

Personality & Outlook

Incredibly competitive and entitled, the type to do anything to get what they want.  The only people they wouldn't hurt under any condition are their children.

Loud, Aggressive, Pompous, Self-assured, Kinda dumb, Abrasive in general and unlikely to be your friend but once you're part of the cult they'll protect and provide for you like any good leader should.

Kinda easy to manipulate if you stroke their ego & appeal to their greed.

Idealist, assumes everything will go their way because what other options are there?  Views themself as a superior being and can be a bit condescending to 'mere mortals'.  

Powers & Assets

They're literally worshiped, given offerings & all that shit.  It's unclear whether this bolsters their magical power or not, seeing as they are not a demon and also OP as fuck regardless.

They have an entire commune of followers under their command.

Lava Witch
Their casting philosophy is that they are a god, and they can do whatever the fuck they want(within their domain).  Their domain is fire, heat, and all things molten.  Volcanoes erupt at their whims.  The ground itself will boil their enemies should they wish it.

To say their mana pool is unusually huge would be an understatement, as it is essentially a bottomless pit.


Their beautiful precious son whom they love very much even if he didn't inherit their god-power or any of their violent tendencies/capabilities.  He is an adult, has no memory loss, fully remembers being raised by Ezra despite their claim that they came into being 4 years ago & all evidence pointing to that being true.  Something's not quite right here.
pain in the ass
Ambassador of the Rebel Witches, hoping to gain Ezra's assistance in fighting for witch rights in Angstrom(or just manipulate them into inadvertently helping).  Ezra doesn't really like her, probably because she's one of few not afraid to step on their toes & get things done.  Salt ADORES her though so Ezra won't boot her out of the valley.
#1 fan
Their first & favorite cultist.  He pretty much serves as an overzealous personal assistant when he's not managing the altar.


Molten metals, the finest of sands, unwavering heat, stars & desert.  Gilded things that don't have any business being covered in gold, a tacky mashup of refined and unrefined, a child's idea of luxury.


• Their favorite food is honey-roasted grasshoppers

• Their kids call them 'Zaza'

• was originally a flight rising fan character

• has a great villainous laugh

Q & A

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Artist Notes

  • very short, like under 5'