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  • Charlie's longtime boyfriend; they want to get married and adopt kids, but it's not legal yet in 2007
  • drives a school bus, loves kids
  • owns a motorcycle
  • handy with cars/bikes
  • less handy with things that don't have wheels so watch what you ask him for help with
  • he'll try anyway but you shouldn't let him
  • the kind of guy who seems to accumulate animals because he can never say no to their adorable faces
  • and Charlie can never say no to his adorable face either
  • among them they have two raggedy rescue cats and three French Bulldogs after a friend's had an oops litter
  • def a cat dad/dog dad
  • pls let this man adopt human children
  • his and Charlie's relationship would be perfect except that Derrick likes ketchup on his hot dogs
  • it's unforgiveable really but Charlie loves him enough to look past this terrible flaw