The carnival barker. A lion of a man.

jovial // lively // gregarious

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2000?


Full Name Charles Carver Age 35 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday June 18, 1971 Gender Male
Prefers Charlie Zodiac Gemini Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Fearless Freaks circus sideshow Religion ??? Sexuality Gay
Group Role Outside talker (carnival barker) Background American Relationship Status Dating Derrick
Day Job Carnival barker Birthplace ??? Living Situation With Derrick

With a booming voice and a roar of a laugh, Charlie's impossible to miss. He works as the primary outside talker (carnival barker) for the freak show, and he can always be found patrolling his beat in front of the storefront, inviting passersby in for a show.

He's friendly as hell, magnetic with children, and warm and charming enough to convince nearly anyone to spend their $10 on the greatest show your eyes will ever be lucky enough to witness.

He adores the other performers like his family, and would do anything for them. Although he's basically a big teddy bear, he's loud and a big guy, so when needed he'll intimidate anyone who's hassling one of them.

And of course, he adores his actual family-- his longtime boyfriend Derrick, and their assortment of beloved pets. Charlie and Derrick hope to get married someday, when it's legal in New York.

Height: 6'3"/190cm Build: Portly
Eyes: Green Hair: Light brown, wavy
Handedness: Left Style: Dapper

Charlie is big and charming, with wavy brown hair, green eyes, and a full beard surrounding his friendly grin.

At work he dresses like the classic carnival barker, but he's a dapper guy even outside the job.


Derrick Boyfriend


Mephisto Coworker


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Etta Boss

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