Valence Polix


Basic Info


Valence Polix

Chiro's Nickname





DFAB Female (she/her)


April 29th








She feels a little too old for those things these days...


Lawful... err, whatever you'd call Hadris, really.


Xafine Representative



Date Created

Presumably some time in early 2013, potentially a little earlier.


Glass (fine china, specifically), winning, reading, the sound of a pencil scribbling against paper, dogs, amusement parks, tea, fishing, golf, windy days, fireplaces, foods that sound disgusting to other people (like deep-fried insects or civet coffee), memes (don't tell Hadris), ice sculptures, snow, making ice cream, white noise, string instruments, cleaning, heavy weaponry.


Dubstep remixes, jewelry and flowing clothing, broken glass, LeFleuris, being questioned, smartasses, anyone speaking lowly of Hadris, informal behavior, being reminded of her age, poorly-dressed teenagers, recording shows and not just watching them when they're on, going underground, the sound of balloons rubbing against each other, disloyalty, liars.

Favorite Food Network Star

Guy Fieri, to the surprise of everyone who knows her.

Special Talent

She's really good at telling if something is photoshopped or not.


|| - Personality - ||

Valence is very serious about her job and by far the most strict of the Representatives. She prioritizes logic and reason over instinct and emotion, so she tends to come off as cold and harsh. She has no tolerance for troublemakers and serves as an unofficial disciplinarian among the Representatives, keeping them in line and making sure they always stay busy. Honestly, she probably orders them around more than Hadris does.

Though her co-workers view her as stern, no fun, and a crotchety old fun-ruiner, the truth is that she's mostly concerned about the safety of her comrades. She considers most of them to be her family and doesn't want them to take things so lightly, especially when their lives are on the line. Valence believes in them, certainty, but the frailty that's come with her old age as made her more conscious of not only her own mortality, but that of her comrades. She doesn't want them to take their lives for granted, no matter how powerful they may be. Getting too cocky or relaxed can be just the opportunity the enemy needs to succeed.

Beneath her stress and determination is someone who knows how to have fun and casually socialize with others, but she's so occupied with spending her final years making sure her fellow Representatives are set up for success that her inner warmth seldom surfaces.

|| - Backstory - ||

Born into a world ravaged by a manmade apocalypse, Valence was orphaned at a very young age and forced to wander in search of food, shelter, and safety. Surviving mostly on miracles, Valence was barely alive by the timeĀ All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant arrived on her planet. After a bit of debate among theĀ Representatives Hadris decided to take her in, adopting her as his daughter.

To say that her childhood was odd would be an incredible understatement. She found herself being raised by an evil overlord, a bee, a demonic mage, a slime boy, a fidgety girl with the aura of a thousand souls, a... quirky ex-superhero, and an ascended demon, all of whom had vastly different ways of dealing with children. Things turned out remarkably well considering the circumstances, but it was one hell of a wacky slapstick comedy ride.

In her teenage years Valence began to question her father's motives and morals and decided to lead a band of heroes on a planet he intended to conquer. She discovered that gray morality wasn't something unique to Hadris and his associates, that heroes weren't always admirable, and that justice had an unfortunate tendency to be blind. During this time period she became romantically involved with LeFleuris de Floraize, who had been specifically tasked with keeping an eye on her, further muddling her sense of wrong and right.

Once her ragtag group reached the final boss, so to speak - Hadris himself, naturally - Valence switched sides again and decided to come home, figuring that if she was going to spend her life around people of questionable morality she might as well side with the people who cared about her and vice-versa.

Despite receiving no such signals from Hadris, Valence began to feel ashamed of herself for her actions and felt the need to make it up to him, kicking her training into overdrive and very quickly becoming one of the most formidable Representatives. As she spent time seeking to improve herself, she became increasingly detached from others - especially as she began to discover more about LeFleuris and ended their relationship messily.

Little changed throughout the years aside from her physical appearance; a bit fearful of immortality, Valence instead elected to continuously get her body parts replaced by robotic ones in the hopes that she would remain useful to her father until the day she died.

She's been training people to eventually succeed her as Xafine Representative behind Hadris' back, knowing that she doesn't have much time left and that her spot will inevitably be filled by a transient and untrustworthy character who held the title twice before if she doesn't bring someone worthy to Hadris' attention herself.

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

Valence is physically fit and has access to a variety of heavy weaponry, including her robotic parts which have a variety of functions and transformation capabilities that she keeps classified in order to maintain an advantage over any potential foes. She's an expert in numerous areas of combat and is an excellent strategist. She's intelligent, strong-willed, and loyal, which makes her hard to trick or break. Don't fight old ladies unless you want to get your ass kicked, pal.

Her stats are pretty awesome, mostly collected in defense and attack. She does have one significant weakness, though, and it's that she's extremely slow. Her bulk makes it hard for her to move quickly and limits her flexibility, not to mention that many of her skills require charging.