Basic Info


Haplopelma Bishopi


Pelma, though she usually requests that her students refer to her as "Miss Bishopi."




DFAB Female (she/her)


September 18th




Some manner of spider lady.




pelma gasping and fanning herself dot jpg


Lawful Good


Professor of Etiquette at Heaven College

Date Created

June 30th, 2016


Tea, gardens, the color white, fancy dresses, cleanliness, birds, morning strolls, sunshine, pianos, finger foods, delicate pastries, fine china, floral patterns and designs, doing laundry, cursive, reading, small talk, respectful people, stargazing, poetry, gloves, parasols, hats, anything with feathers, theatre.


Dirt and grime, profanity, vulgarity, messes, poor behavior, poor grammar, poor spelling, technology (it's ruining the children!!!!!!!!), violence, aggression, anything loud, rain (it makes everything all soggy and muddy), greasy foods, Hell College, her sister (...but not really), windy days.


Haplopelma "Pelma" Bishopi

Basics:She/her pronouns. Unknown age. Born September 18th.
Obtained:June 30th, 2016

A professor of etiquette at Heaven College and sisters with Aranaea Bishopi. While her sister went off and partied her life away, Pelma was left to be ~the good kid~ and make up for her Aranaea's mistakes. She developed a complex over a need to be superior to her sister, becoming angry when Aranaea wasn't jealous of her accomplishments and when their parents remained focused on Aranaea's failures instead of Pelma's successes. When Pelma got an invitation to Heaven College and became a professor she finally felt fulfilled, only to find out Aranaea had become a professor at rival school Hell College. All of her negative emotions combined with her earnest desires make her a perfect pawn for Heaven College to manipulate, especially since they know about Aranaea...

and now..... old stuff bc wow i had a lot actually

|| - Personality - ||

pelma is the exact opposite of her sister: she's prim, proper, poised, elegant, graceful, organized, and chaste. she's almost egregiously fancy and uses words no one uses in normal, casual conversation. she spends most of her time drinking tea with her pinkies stuck out.

she hates vulgar language and attitudes and looks down upon those who partake in anything that isn't Polite and Pure, scolding them and attempting to avoid them. she has superb etiquette!

honestly, though, she isn't quite the opposite of aranaea... she too is social and lively and enjoys hosting and partaking in social gatherings. she's also a pretty good mediator and has excellent interpersonal skills, though not quite as excellent as her sister's on account of her more strongly opinionated and close-minded attitude.

|| - Backstory - ||

pelma grew up with something of a complex thanks to her sister, aranaea. aranaea was wild and free, irresponsible and utterly reckless. she constantly got herself into trouble and was shameless about everything and found herself constantly grounded or otherwise punished. as such, their parents placed high expectations on pelma. pelma fed off of this and became obsessed with being Better(tm) than her sister. she would be responsible, educated, culturally enriched... that would show her!! even though she was younger, she'd prove herself to be the superior sibling!

she became a bit envious upon noticing that aranaea was completely unaffected by pelma's efforts. she wasn't jealous, didn't have an inferiority complex over constantly being compared to pelma... nothing! if anything, aranaea only become more happy with herself the "worse" she became! it was absolutely repulsive and pelma was definitely not jealous or slighted at all not one bit arrrrgh!!!

this became the overarching theme of her life. aranaea went off and lived her own sinful, disgrace of a life and pelma continued her schooling, trying her very best to make up for the stain that aranaea left on their family name. but it always seemed like her family life was always more about what a disappointment aranaea was than how hard pelma worked or how accomplished she had become...

one day pelma received an invitation to heaven college, which she immediately accepted! she wasn't any sort of heavenly being, so getting an invitation to such a place... it was a clear sign of prestige! all of her hard work was finally paying off! she arrived and began passing classes with flying colors, no stranger to proper studying habits! to make matters even better, upon graduation she was invited to apply for a job as a professor! she became a professor of etiquette (because heaven college has weird classes), and---

no!!! oh come on!!!!!!! as it turned out, aranaea had become a professor as well, but as a professor of music at heaven college's rival school: hell college. why wouldn't aranaea just leave her alone? why couldn't pelma just have her own life?!

she'd secretly like to stop working so hard, but it seems she'll never catch a break and feel able to relax... she has to keep showing up her sister, no matter what!

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

pelma is a spider so she do web stuff and junk!! she also has enhanced reflexes, jumping skills (or she would, but classy ladies don't just leap around everywhere!), the ability to walk on walls and ceilings, enhanced vision, and fangs that are capable of injecting a variety of venoms... but none of that is proper! fighting isn't really her thing even though she has the tools for it...

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