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BK (BabyKing) Quillson
North American Porcupine
5'9" + big hair
Various (pizza, burgers, Blockbuster, etc)
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BK, or BabyKing (sometimes just 'Baby' or 'King', depending on who's talking to them) is a Porcupine. Their "actual" name is Florence, but nobody calls them that. This sona is more anthro in design and is secondary to Guy. I use them to vent about past and current struggles, as well as to reclaim things that have not-so-great associations. Bisexual and had a gay crisis in High school, plus has a handful of issues...

About / Personality

BK is a North American Porcupine. He's somewhat a Jock, and enjoys athletics. His story takes place in the 1980's, so his wardrobe and surroundings reflect this. His MBTI is ESFP.

BK is Bisexual, and had a gay crisis when figuring this out in high school. They took a while to come to terms with this, and took time to explore themselves.

BK is trans-masc. They socially transitioned at a young age, and physically transitioned soon after. This has never been a huge deal for them (See design notes for more info).


  • 80's style/aesthetic
  • gets crushes a lot but isn't happy about it
  • smells like old spice
  • Loosely inspired by Steve Harrington (Stranger Things), Baby (Baby Driver), and Marty McFly (Back to the Future) among others
  • BK is Short for BabyKing (some call him 'Baby' or 'King')
Theme Colors

  • exploring, breaking stuff (in junkyards)
  • filming/photography, polaroids, mixtapes
  • sneaking food into the movies
  • defending/standing up for themself and their friends
  • arcades, bowling, rollar rinks, fast food
  • getting into (and losing) fights
  • bullies, abuse, manipulation
  • passive aggression, disloyalty, being ghosted
  • trauma, traumatic events

BK is an anthropromorphic North American Porcupine. His anatomy is mostly humanoid (plantigrade humanoid legs, hands and feet, and posture). He's lanky but muscular.

His animalistic features include: Snout, ears, tail, claws, spines, and rough texture on palms/feet (adjascent to porcupine paws).

Spines start on back of neck, go down shoulders, upper arms, and back, and end on the tip of their tail. Spiny areas are white/pale.

Hair/top of head is NOT SPINY. Hair is big and usually an overgrown mullet.

warm greys
white/pale (with optional sparse dark strands)
Design Palette - Note: Just to Referece; Doen't have to be exact!
Design Notes

  • "Hair" is soft, often unruly, and tends to be pushed back.
  • Hair is white with a few dark strands
  • Quills are white and located on tail, back, and neck; NOT on their head!
  • Quills are only a few inches at most (on the shorter side)
  • Shortish tail that has quills down the top
  • Ears are abnormally large for a porcupine, and very emotive

Transition Information

  • Voice, Build, and Body Hair are all masc-presenting
  • Began taking T around puberty
  • Unsure if they ever received top surgery; nonetheless, the white area on their back curves into small stripes under their pecs, resembling chest scarring
  • No bottom surgery; no interest
Reference (Click for fullscreen!) BK Reference
Wardrobe (Click Here for more examples)

BabyKing takes place in a few different alternate stories/"AUs". They have different friend groups in some, and can even take differnt forms. These stories are all canon in their own right, and BK represents myself in each one. Click the images to view the individual story profiles! Hover over/click smaller images to learn about media that's inspired/informed these stories.


📼 Arcade Backlot - 80's + main setting
BK and a friend group exist in the 80's, fighting the good fight and figuring it out! They have classic teen/young adult things going on, as well as a greater conspiracy at hand.....
Informed by:


🎮 Haunted Cartridge - creepypasta!
BK and a some friends get sucked into cursed and haunted games! They fight to survive, but come out changed physically (like glitching and chromatic aberrations irl) plus some strange other things....


🛒 Enropy Mall - abandoned mall
When a mega mall is shutting down, various employees and urban exporers get left behind; their bodies and minds forever changed by the strange atmosphere of the shell of what once was....


🔦 Night Shift - animatronics
When a group of electronics at an abandoned amusement park begin waking up on their own, they must come to terms with their consciousness and their mortality tied to the park's health.


🔌 Man-Made Horrors - body horror
After something goes horribly wrong, BK is faced with [⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️], forcing him to [⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️] (story in development, more to come)


Pkmn Pokémon Journey - pokémon!
BK and some close friends (as well as rivals and allies) catch, train, and befriend wild pokemon in their journey to save the world!

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