Lu Wei | 陸薇



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Lu Wei | 陸薇




Height | Weight


Lu Wei | 陸薇 | 'Shore Fern'
176cm | 60kg





23 (died)
Clinician (past)




He good guy ehehe.

But he also bad boy. Up to what u want to see him as :)c



  • Friends
  • Tea, herbal especially
  • Harmless pranks
  • Reading about the world


  • Strict rules
  • Abandoning the weak
  • Uptight people
  • Curfews


  • The tattoo on his arm has been there since he was a child; it is a symbol of his family. He is not proud of it but he doesn't feel the need to hide it either..
  • His obsession with knowledge and books didn't build his social skills much; so Lu Wei thought of silly pranks to make friends through his growing years.
  • Aside from acupuncture therapy, Lu Wei enjoys acupressure at times to help farmers with their sore backs.
  • He is a late sleeper but is an early riser.
  • Only child.


Intelligence :

Strength :

Speed :

base skills

  • Chi Manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Caligraphy
  • Tea Brewing
  • Knowledge
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]

academy skills

  • [IPR] Beast Taming
  • [IPR] Futuristic Tech
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]
  • [TBA]


He's a gud boi who likes to tease his peng yous.


Lu Wei was born into a family of scholars; being surrounded by books on ancient history to herbal medicines left and right, he grew fond of the huge world of knowledge packed into the small books in his library. His paternal family was practitioners of the mythical arts, strong believers of rituals and practices that Lu Wei never really understood. His maternal family ran a small acupuncture service down the street, little Lu Wei would brisk over to the shop with a huge book hugged in his arms to pay his grandparents a visit some times. Acunpunture was a healing technique that his family believed in, with the combination of chi manipulation, Lu Wei had witnessed customers get better after a few sessions of treatment. Inspired, he strove to work hard, study hard, so he could continue the line of acupuncture therapy like his grandparents. In his childhood memories, the boy was more akin to his mother and much less to his father.

The boy stood to his words to follow the footsteps of his mother and grandparents; he had picked up the skill by the age of 16 and was gladly helping around the small shop after school. His grandparents was very fond of his passion, and the desire and interest in the form of therapy. They believed that he could be the next generation of their small business. Customers soon began to acknowledge Lu Wei's young talent, even complimenting him for his good service and knowledge of acupuncture and chi manipulation. Of course those didn't come free, Lu Wei did spend hours and nights on studying in the library, about everything from pressure points to chi gates, the flow of ying yang and so on. While his life was smooth sailing, his father had been garnering enemies over the years with the suspicious involvement in dark cultivations. Rituals that were meant for cleansing of the souls were mysteriously taking people's lives, the name of their family practices became tainted and hated by many over time. Lu Wei was oblivious to it, of course, he never cared what his father did nor wanted to get involved either- he was happy enough in the acupuncture shop, and that was where he would plan to spend his whole life in.

It was in a fine morning in spring, Lu Wei had his last customer for the day and was given a blessing for his excellent therapy service as usual. The boy waved goodbye before deciding to close the shop for the day seeing that the sun was setting. His grandmother had told him to clean up the main room while she went into the back to take care of the cabinets. As they were on their own tasks, Lu Wei had a commotion outside; screams and shouts pierced through his peaceful closing hours. To his horror, he saw clouds of fire roaring from a distance- He could tell it wasn't one caused by nature nor normal arson, it had mythical arts involved. People was quickly getting engulfed in the flames, Lu Wei saw the houses turning into ashes in minutes. He heard voices of anger cursing his father's name, and more desperate callings for help- It was too much for Lu Wei to take in, but hearing the voices of villagers screeching for his name broke him into a frantic mess. The boy went to one injured person another, trying to heal them to the best of his abilities through his chi manipulation methods. He had to let go of many that were far gone but he managed to save a couple to let them be mobile at least; and finally he was able to return to the shop in hurried steps. The smoked had already filled the room up to the roofs, the tiny shop was unfortunate to be burning down like the rest of the houses outside but Lu Wei wanted to make sure to get his grandmother out of the fire first. Upon entering the backdoor, she had collapsed on the floor, likely from the suffocation and heat. Desperate, he used the last of his chi to transfer to his grandmother, letting her regain a breath so they could escape the burning building together. Some villagers came into the fire to assist the lady out, but the boy was less lucky to be trapped inside by the falling pillars. With his chi burnt out, he had no way to know if his grandmother had lived through the fire.

He had regretted not being able to see it through, even as he shut his eyes, he could hear people shouting for his name but they were mere echos in the midst of the roaring flames. His breathe drew narrow and Lu Wei knew whatever chi left in him was not going to let his live either way. The boy hoped for another view of the world, he wished to be of better use to the villagers, to his grandmother; Lu Wei drew his last breath at age 23.


Liu Xuehu


"XueHu? He's a nice boy, always so caring and on the look out for his elders. Sadly he's angry all the time, he will age faster than any of us, I pray for his heart (and cherry) to be taken by someone worthy one day."

Friend Bully target Silly Good hearted

Liu Tianxiu


"People's maturity came with age but this blue man feels like he aged backwards.Nonetheless, I enjoy his company and his silly plots are always entertaining to follow through. I still do want to feed Tian some homemade soup to watch his reaction, I am not the best chef in the house and I will show him how low that standard is."

Friend Prank buddies Son-in-law Respectable

Lang Zemeng


"Qianbei is. Hm. And interesting person. Sometimes I try to think of how he does and he always never fails to mesmerise me with his train of thoughts somehow. He does things to the best of his ability- is what I would like to say but that is very vague. I wouldn't say I dislike him as a person, I think it's entertaining to watch him go around in circles or like a hamster trapped in the wheel. It's amusing."

Qianbei Tease Target Complex Entertaining

Lang Zeying


There are a lot of misunderstandings around Shixiong. When I first met him through Zemeng qianbei, he seemed to show much interest in his brother and Wanyun shixiong. Although he may have a sharp tongue and snarky comebacks for every comment made, he looks out for people that he cares about extensively to a point I admire him. It is heartwarming to see him place qianbei and Wanyun shixiong before anyone else even if he doesn’t admit it, he does a wonderful job of the brother to take care of the two very important person to him. Plus, the only reason why he would have approached me was because he was worried about them too- It was hilarious to think he would storm into my room with a maid outfit of all things, just to test my limits. But shixiong ah, it was a pleasant day and I enjoyed myself to the fullest. Many may agree that Zeying shixiong is beautiful, his features are pretty, and he carries himself elegantly albeit what people say. Deep down, he is a passionate man for what he believes in, but he would make an excellent man if he would be a little less lazy with his ambitions. On the side note, he draws well, it’s a talent that Xuehu will never learn to have. It’s a pity he refuses to let people into his heart easily, but that barrier is a charm of his that I can’t much complain. May he grow up well as a person and get along with the people that he treasures, and loved by the people hat treasures him.

Shixiong Masochist Sex friends Enjoyable


  • His design was based off a sea-theme, thus the fish designs.
  • Hair is always lopsided. Left bangs are longer than right.
  • Braids are a must :)
  • Base colors work around blue, black, red, white.
  • Gold accessories and blue/red diamonds are extra.
  • Prefers light clothing over overdressing.


  • Can cure any disease or poison. Minor deity. Good friends with the Phoenix and enemies with the Demon of Poisons and the Demon of Pestilence.Calm and collected. Good at taking care of others; the mom of the group.
  • "I'd appreciate it if you would rephrase your words," he spoke calmly in a harsh tone, though the thought of meeting the enemy face to face made him slightly anxious. "You spoke as if I am here to meet you, do not think too highly of yourself, Yin Cheng."
  • “I have nothing to prove other than my loyalty for you, the hundred years have been lonely.” If the original deity of medicine felt that guilty, the only reason he could come to was affection. Thankfully Lu Wei knew how to act shameless. The deity wrapped his arms around the other, “stab me if you wish, I’ve missed you.”


  • Samebito
  • Shark merfolk whose tears of blood turn into rubies. Friends with the Jiaoren and Asrai. Aware of Asrai's crush and hopes they will confess soon. Eats most humans, but will give their ruby tears to the extremely kind-hearted ones and let them go free.Friendly and gentle. Good wingman.
  • The merman blinked; perhaps, the shark had never told the human of the rubies and how they were made… How one-sided the feelings were, Louweiss almost felt his heart clench at the situation. But considering Xerxes’s amnesia, this made sense. He cast his gaze down to the hands, head lowered after; Louweiss’ thumbs swiped gently across the human’s dorsums as he spoke quietly, “I knew I would have to speak to you the truth one day… But I was scared that Xerxes might reject my offers after knowing it…”


  • Zemeng's Personal Assistant
  • Follows Zemeng around nearly 24/7. Has a lot of contacts in the industry to call up for favours. Well respected in HY Ent. Hardworking and organised. Would be willing to do underhanded things to protect people they care about.
  • “Our all hard-working CEO, even if you work overtime, no one can give you the extra pay.” The male joked as he placed the cake on the table in front of the boss, his friend, “have a late night snack Zemeng, you worked hard for the past few days.”
  • Lu Wei unbuckled his seatbelt before turning to Xiexun, “come here,” he whispered, patting his lap, “I’ve bullied you enough.”


  • Imperial Physician
  • Is reluctant about staying in the Palace because they know the danger of being under the gaze of the royal family. Despite that deeply cares for their patients and their morals do not allow them to leave. Close to Defei's servant.
  • “You do realise that I am part of the Yangs, and that the Prime Minister is my very own blood sister,” he probed, the physician wanted to assure that the minister knew of this ahead before he backed out later. In such situations, it was a dilemma to weigh the options between personal gain and filial piety. And the imperial physician obviously had little attachment to the Yangs, considering he was rarely with them anyways and he found an unmatched engrossment into the investigation.
  • For once, he felt the thrill in betraying for the sake of the better good.


  • Mad Hatter
  • Sarcastic and chill, and probably slightly insane. Rumored to have passed some of their insanity onto the White Rabbit. Owns a hat shop and hired the March Hare as their apprentice after the March Hare ran away from the White Rabbit. Has the magical ability of being capable of storing things in their hat. Loyal to the Red Queen and Prince Charming. On good terms with the White Rabbit, the Dormouse, and March Hare. Dislikes the Cheshire Cat (because they are allergic to cats). Perfect Match: Cheshire Cat
  • That would explain the Mad Hatter’s history; in a way, Louweiss was curious how it would feel like to be insane. Losing his memories? Losing his sense of control? How would he be treated after having an episode? Would it change him as a person? But all these were out of his control, regardless of how he wished for one, there was no telling how to manipulate his own brain into losing itself. What a silly thought.


  • Priest
  • Horse. Is seen as a very virtuous person and a good listener who gives wonderful advice. They are well respected and trusted by the villagers. However they take monetary bribes and would love to expand their church further.
  • "Amen."
  • "Do you like 'Luwei'?" He paused as he waited for a reponse. WHat returned to him was a confused look, followed by a soft 'yes' with clear doubts on the his face. Of course, he would expect this response. The priest held up the racoon toy's hand and waved it lightly at it's owner. With his usual smile, he replied, "'Luwei' Likes you too."